World Tuna Flat Races 2007 - The 25th Anniversary!

It9s time to rally your team folks! Things are heating up! We now have on-line registration, awesome ball caps and tees, great prizes for the winning men9s and women9s teams. Enter a business, alumni or association or better yet, find three friends and go for the gold - the 2006 World Tuna Flat Champion. E-mail Dan Ouellette ( for more information. This year9s event is Saturday, July 28 in the Hubbards Cove in front of the old Hubbards Fish Plant. Teams of four race large "Tuna Flats" over a quarter mile course on Hubbards Cove. (Tuna Flats are the large green boats that are commonly towed behind fishing boats on their way to the traps. They are found only in St. Margaret9s Bay, and got their name from the fact that three or four men could all stand on one side of the "flat" and haul a large tuna into the boat without capsizing the craft.) This event usually draws a large crowd of spectators, which includes many tourists to the area, who also enjoy food, refreshments and a display of vintage photos of the fishing industry in the area. For the past 20 plus years we have been holding this heritage activity with great success. This year promises to be even greater, with live entertainment, extra attractions, Beer tent, various food stages, along with various media coverage, local and national, BT, will be included. NS Reg. # 3090850 We are a non-profit Association, all profits are returned for the well being of the community.

Name Sales End Price Fee
Men's Team   Ended $40 $0.99
Women's Team   Ended $40 $0.99
Youth Team   Ended $20 $0.99

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World Tuna Flat Races 2007 - The 25th Anniversary ...

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World Tuna Flat Races 2007 - The 25th A ... Hubbards & Area Business Association presents World Tuna Flat Races 2007 - The 25th Anniversary! -- Saturday, July 28 ...

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World Tuna Flat Races 2007 - The 25th A ... Hubbards & Area Business Association presents World Tuna Flat Races 2007 - The 25th Anniversary! -- Saturday, July 28 ...

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