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What is Tapping Therapy? 

Using the ancient principles from acupuncture, Dr. Roger Callahan (Thought Field Therapy,TFT) discovered that tapping on energy points on the body could release emotions. Gary Craig (Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT) simplified the tapping procedure. Tapping Therapy gently realigns the body’s energy system, without the discomfort of needles. 

Just as cholesterol clogs blood vessels, negative emotions clog energy meridians, leading to illness and dis-ease. Tapping on energy meridians jars loose emotional clogs, realigns energy pathways, expels negative memories (sometimes without having to remember them), and quite often removes the resulting symptoms. 

Some cases are complex and require more detailed attention from an experienced tapping practitioner. 

These classes teach EFT, Tapping Therapy, and variations created by many people in the field. 

Introduction to Tapping Therapy is a six-hour workshop that will equip you to produce rapid results with yourself and with clients in one session. Topics include the history and basis of tapping, the set-up, the tapping sequence, the gamut point, how to work with clients, what to say, when to stop, and practicing on yourself and others. This is a fun and lively experiential training.


Try It On Everything


Extensive application of Tapping Therapy has shown improvements in a wide variety of issues, including—but not limited to—those listed below.


Athletic Excellence, Public Speaking, Anxiety, Stress, Weight Loss, Eating Disorders, Addictions: Smoking, Alcohol, Meth, Food, Heroin;

Business and Career Goals, Goal Setting & Success 


Fears & Phobias, Depression, Insomnia, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Anger, Trauma, PTSD, Combat Memories, Relationship Issues, Love Pain, Family Dynamics, Death & Dying, Grief & Loss, Children’s Behavior 


Fibromyalgia, Allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Migraines, Back Pain, Hypertension, Muscular Aches & Pains, Strokes, Cancer, MS, ALS, Lupus, Leukemia, Parkinson's, Learning Disabilities, Alzheimer's 


Animal Healing, Pets' Bad Habits



So far, the effects of your treatment have been amazing. It has been two weeks, and I have had no desire to drink at all.”Natalie, Oregon

You heal from your heart, not your head. I love how you worked with me!”Laura, Eugene

 Given what a skeptic I am, I find myself even more surprised with the total lack of cravings I have for chocolate.”Vicky, Las Vegas

I thought I would honestly never feel this good in such a short period of time!—Deanna, Eugene

Thank you for a really good class. It was fun and we learned a lot.”Jeff, Vancouver

Your treatment really helped me to do what I needed to do.—L M., Prineville

One of the best workshops I ever attended.”Maggie, Tigard

I had a profound experience yesterday. I felt as if I were in a state of euphoria for the rest of the day and slept easier than I had in years. I can feel that something has shifted inside of me. Thank you for allowing your gift to flourish and thank you for sharing it.”Sarah, Eugene

Robert, you are a gracious and humble teacher. Even though you refuse to take credit for the healings that occur, I believe it is your skill as a teacher, and your ability to create a safe yet stimulating space that has enabled me to progress so quickly.”Jo, Salem


No Drugs ~ No Hypnotherapy

No Undressing ~ High Success Rate


Continuing Education for LMTs, LMPs

Introduction to Tapping Therapy = 6 CEs

Advanced Techniques = 12 CEs

OR 334-010-0050 (7), WA 246-830-475 (8)

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Introduction to Tapping Therapy Ended $125

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