Breakfast with Trust Agents and Trusted Advisors

Join us on Friday, October 23rd from 7:30a-9:30a at the Harvard Club of NYC for a breakfast event where Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, authors of the New York Times and Wall St. Journal bestselling book, Trust Agents, host a talk with David Maister and Charlie Green, authors of the bestselling book, The Trusted Advisor.

There will be a full breakfast served while the four authors provide you with actionable tips about becoming trusted within your communities.  You will have an opportunity for Q&A with the authors as well as networking time before and after the breakfast.

Everyone who attends will receive a complimentary copy of both Trust Agents and The Trusted Advisor along with the opportunity to have their books autographed by the authors at the conclusion of the breakfast.

For questions regarding the event, please contact Justin Levy at


About Trust Agents:

trust-agents-bookThere's no question that the Internet has changed the way we do business—especially when it comes to marketing. Consumer environments are short on trust and populated by consumers who are cynical, savvy, and informed. Though it's easier than ever to reach your customers, it's less likely that they'll listen. Today, the most valuable online currency isn't the dollar, but trust itself.

At the same time, social networks and personal connections have far more influence on consumers than your marketing messages ever will—unless your business knows how to harness them. In Trust Agents, two social media veterans show you how to tap into the power of these networks to build your brand's influence, reputation, and profits.

Trust agents aren't necessarily marketers or salespeople; they're the digitally savvy people who use the Web to humanize businesses using transparency, honesty, and genuine relationships. As a result, they wield enough online influence to build up or bring down a business's reputation. This book will show you how to build profitable relationships with trust agents, or become one yourself.

In an online world defined by its transparency, becoming a trust agent is no easy task, but once you've established your reputation, you can build influence, share it, and reap the benefits of it for your business. When you've learned a trust agent's secrets, your words can carry more power and more weight than any PR firm or big corporate marketing department.

Learn to use the power of the Web and social networks for your business now. Trust Agents gives you all the tools and strategies you need to do it the right way—honestly, effectively, and profitably.

About Chris Brogan:chris-brogan-bio

Chris Brogan is President of New Marketing Labs, a new media marketing agency, and home of the Inbound Marketing Summit conferences and Inbound Marketing Bootcamp educational events.

Chris works with large and mid-sized companies to improve online business communications like marketing and PR through the use of social software, community platforms, and other emerging web and mobile technologies. 

hris Brogan is a ten year veteran of using social media and both web and mobile technologies to build digital relationships for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Chris speaks, blogs, writes articles, and makes media of all kinds at [], a blog in the top 10 of the Advertising Age Power150, and in the top 100 on Technorati. 

Chris is also the cofounder of the PodCamp new media conference series, exploring the use of new media community tools to extend and build value.

Chris won the Mass High Tech All Stars award for thought leaders for 2008. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, The Montreal Gazette, Newsweek, and some other places.

About Julien Smith:

julien-smithJulien Smith is an author, consultant, and speaker who has been involved in online communities for over 15 years– from early BBSes and flashmobs to the social web as we know it today.

He was one of the first people on the web to use podcasting in 2004, as well as being one of the first web personalities to get broadcast by traditional radio. He has since worked with and been interviewed by numerous media organizations such as CNN, CBC, CTV– and a bunch of others that don’t start with the letter C.





About The Trusted Advisor:

The Trusted Advisor explores the paradigm of that very special business relationship, using the professional trusted-advisor-bookservices paradigm as a basis. The book is a blend of thought and practice, clear ideas and practical suggestions. The book addresses the components of trust (via the trust equation), the process of trust creation (including the most common trust-breaking mistakes), and a series of key trust "tools," both mindsets and skillsets.

On the practical side, the book includes a number of lists—in fact, enough lists that we made a "list of lists" at the back, which has proven to be very popular with action-oriented readers.

Trust is not a squishy, fog-sculpting "soft" concept—at least, it doesn't have to be. We think you can think clearly about it, put it into serious action, and generate measurable improvements in your business and life and those of your customers and clients

About David Maister:

david-maister-bioDavid Maister is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading authorities on the management of professional service firms.

For twenty-five years he advised firms in a broad spectrum of professions, covering all strategic and managerial issues, building a global practice that found him spending about 40% of his time in North America, 30% in western Europe, and 30% in the rest of the world.

His first book on professional businesses, Managing the Professional Service Firm, was published in 1993, followed by True Professionalism, The Trusted Advisor, Practice What You Preach , First Among Equals and, most recently, Strategy and the Fat Smoker (2008).

His books are currently available in 14 languages.

His website ( includes an extensive collection of free articles, seminar handouts, a blog, a number of podcast series, videos and other free online resources.

Born and raised in Great Britain, he moved to the US in the early 1970s. David holds degrees from the University of Birmingham, the London School of Economics and a doctorate from the Harvard Business School.

Prior to launching his consulting career in 1985, he was a professor at the Harvard Business School.

About Charlie Green:

Charles H. Green is founder and CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates. The author of Trust-based Selling and Charlie-Green-Bioco-author of The Trusted Advisor, he has spoken to, consulted for or done seminars about trusted relationships in business for a wide and global range of industries and functions.

Centering on the theme of trust in business relationships, Charles works with complex organizations to improve trust in sales, internal trust between organizations, and trusted advisor relationships with external clients and customers.

Charles started his career with the MAC Group and its successor, Gemini Consulting, where his roles included strategy consulting and VP strategic planning. He majored in philosophy (Columbia), and has an MBA (Harvard).

Charles heads the network that is Trusted Advisor Associates, including Andrea Howe, Sandy Styer, Mark Slatin and Stewart Hirsch.

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10/23 Breakfast Event Ended $25 $1.61

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