True You - Claim your authentic power with emotional intelligence

All that you need, to be effective, confident and content, you already have. You have simply forgotten how to access and use your greatest resource...


  • Liberate True You - Tap into your authentic power and "original genius"

  • Gain ease- Give up trying to be what you "should" be and be the real you

  • End uncertainty - Be more self assured and confident

  • Get unstuck - Make clear, purposeful decisions

  • Positively influence others - Not by what you do, but by being who you are


    What would be different if you living your most authentically powerful and creative life?

    How might you be sabotaging your potential for success and happiness right now? 

    In what way would your work and life be more fulfilling and enjoyable if you develop the skills to manage your own and others emotions and improve your ability to influence positive outcomes?  

    By using the EQ At Work Method for developing your emotional intelligence, you can transform your ability to lead and to live and get something priceless in the bargain….You most authentic, powerful and creative self!

    Join Joseph Liberti, founder of EQ At Work and master EQ coach in a one hour teleconference dialogue on liberating Authentic Self through emotional intelligence.



    The EQ At Work Method has been used to develop the emotional competency of hundreds of people in large and small organizations including: Allstate Insurance, All-American Homes, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Boeing, Eli Lilly, Ice-O-Matic Corp, Inland Homes, NPR, Northrop Aviation, Social Security Administration, University of Southern CA, US Dept of Labor, the US Postal Service, Worthington Schools and Granville Schools.


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