Odissi Workshop w/ Rahul Acharya

Reflections of a Solo Dancer Series

Anga Suddha

Tha Art of Perfecting the Dance Postures

Wednesday, August 26 2009 6:30-9:30pm

About this workshop
Anga (
body parts) Suddha (perfection), is the purity of movement in dance postures which includes the proper positioning of the legs and arms.  It involves the execution of clean lines when transitioning from one posture to another, and the core micro movements involved in performing dance exquisitely. Each dancer's body type is unique, this workshop will help you to discover the lines that work for your body type while dancing.

The Series

Inspired by the recent workshops given by master artists Sujata Mohapatra, Jyoti Srivatstava and Bani Ray, the objectives of  the Reflections of a Solo Dancer series is to empower the dancer to develop a personal sadhana when separated from the Guru either through time or overseas.

Whether you are embarking on being a soloist, a repertory dancer, a student taking classes, a dance teacher, or perhaps a choreographer, the inner/outer work involved begins with you: your intention, your passion, your love, and your discipline....ultimately, all aspects are cultivated through your personal sadhana.

It is our intention that after each workshop within the series, you will have a more informed understanding of yourself as a dancer, a deeper appreciation for your sadhana and for odissi dance.  Please visit our early announcements for upcoming events during the Fall via the "view other Trinayan Collective events" link.

We invite you to join our celebration of community and ask that you help share this unique and intimate event with your friends. Thank you for your continous support and contributions which help to make programs like this possible.


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