TransOhio Transgender and Ally Symposium

TransOhio Transgender and Ally Symposium
August 14-16, 2009
Capital University Law School
Columbus, Ohio

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Keynote Speaker
Helen Boyd
Author, Academic and Activist

Helen Boyd is author of My Husband Betty which was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award. Her second book, She’s Not the Man I Married: My Life with a Transgender Husband was published in 2007.  Besides being an author, Helen is an activist, academic and also partner to a transgender woman.  Boyd's been running online groups since 2000 and has presented workshops at many conferences and has given keynote talks at gatherings such as First Event.  Boyd’s writing has also appeared in anthologies and she lectures regularly at colleges. Boyd has also taught Gender Studies courses at Merrimack College (MA) and at Lawrence University (WI), where she also taught a course on transgender lives. She was also a finalist for a 2009 A Room of Her Own Foundation Grant.

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 Presenters Include:  
  • Keynote Speaker Helen Boyd
  • Melissa Marie Alexander, JD, CMP
  • Tara McKenzie Allison, Esq.
  • David Brandebura, R.Ph.
  • Stephanie Battaglino
  • Edward Bowers
  • Dr. James Buccigross
  • Merâl Crane, M.A., L.P.C.C., I.M.F.T.
  • Joni Christian
  • Dr. Elena A. Christofides, MD, FACE
  • Diana Britt Franklin
  • Kat Holtz
  • North Congregational United Church of Christ
  • Dr. Christine McGinn, D.O., Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
  • Shane Morgan
  • Jacob Nash
  • Milo Primeaux
  • Barbie Rogers
  • Joelle Ruby Ryan
  • Ellen Seigel, LISW-S, ACHT
  • Sile Singleton
  • Emma Southard
  • Professor Mark P. Strasser
  • JAC Stringer
  • Erin Tarr
  • Charleta B. Tavares
  • Erin Upchurch, MSSA, LSW
  • Elizabeth Weiss




















There will be over twenty-five workshops and presentations scheduled for focus tracks that include:

  • Health & Safety
  • Legal & Employment Issues
  • Partners, Spouses and Family
  • Religion and Spirituality
  • Youth & Students
  • Arts, Culture and Media

Transgender and Ally Symposium

Friday, August 14, 2009
Meet & Greet @ Club Diversity (6pm-9pm)
Evening entertainment @ Havana (10pm)

Saturday, August 15, 2009
Registration/Check-In (8am)
Workshops & Presentations @ Capital University Law School (8:30am-5:30pm)


"Blurring the Lines of Gender" art showcase of Briden Cole Schueren
6pm-8pm @ The Center on High, 1160 N. High Street, Columbus, 43201

Fabulously Fluid: A Evening of Performance, Music, Comedy and Spoken Word
@ Wall Street Night Club, (9pm, $5)

Sunday, August 15, 2009

Symposium Closing
Post-Symposium Brunch @ Union Bar & Grill (11am-1pm)

Our Workshops and Presentations

Trans-Sex & Identity
Trans identities create a sexual landscape where you can't assume what the "opposite" or "same" sex is, especially when someone is in transition. Not only is the trans person often reinventing his or her own sexuality, but if s/he has a partner, or is looking for one, lots of issues come up. How does a heterosexual partner of a trans person “transition” to having a same sex partner? How does a lesbian partner find support in her community when she’s being identified by others as straight? How do we balance our public and private identities in ways that don’t invalidate either partner’s sense of self? How can we respect & validate our partners’ gender before, during & after transition? How can the trans person find ways to let their partner know if/when their sexual feelings have changed?  Presenter: Keynote Speaker Helen Boyd (Helen is kink-, poly-, and queer-inclusive. All are welcome to attend, and partners are encouraged to come with questions/issues.)

Queers of Size: Promoting Fat-Positive Community and Activism in LGBT Organizations
From The L Word to the pages of Out Magazine, often the queer body is presented as thin, toned, and nautilized. In spite of these stereotypical images, LGBT folks come in all shapes, sizes and weights. This panel looks at size and sizeism in the queer/trans community and the need for greater fat-accpetance. We will discuss our experiences as queer people of size and fat studies scholars, as well as our work as activists and community organizers to promote fat-positivity with both society-at-large and within LGBT spaces and organizations. Attendees will emerge with a better understanding of fatphobia, as well as critical tools and resources for promoting fat liberation and size diversity within their own community spaces, organizations and advocacy groups. Presenter: Joelle Ruby Ryan

Communicating under Stress (A workshop for partners)
Communicating your thoughts clearly in a way that nurtures both yourself and the other person is a win win experience. This workshop is an opportunity for partners to examine new thoughts and to consider some creative ways of communicating. Learn how to get your points across in a kindly manner while also validating your own feelings and experience. Taking good care of yourself and enhancing your own personal growth can be done while caring for your loved one. Presenter: Ellen Seigel

Our Experience in Becoming an Inclusive Congregation
Representatives of a variety of congregations across Ohio that specifically mention gender identity or expression in their statements of welcome will briefly outline the reasons for their decision, what “went into” making it, and what the decision has meant to their respective congregations. It is expected that at least a few denominations will be represented. Representatives may include, but will not be limited to, clergy from those churches. Presenter: North Congregational United Church of Christ

Hormones & Black Market Perils
Presenter: David Brandebura, R.Ph.

HRT for Transgender Patients
Presenter: Dr. Elena Christofides, M.D., FACE.

FtM MtF Surgery: Regional Care now available in New Hope & Key West
Dr. McGinn will discuss her vision for regional transgender care and emphasize the advantages of rewarding trans-friendly cities with our business in the current economy. She will share the current offerings of Papillon Gender Wellness Center as well as her current surgical results for Vaginoplasty, FFS, Ring flap metoidioplasty and FtM top surgery. This talk is useful for the FtM as well as the MtF community. Presenter: Dr. Christine McGinn, D.O.

Dr. McGinn will also be available for private consultation on Saturday and Sunday. Consult reservations are required and can be made by contacting the office at 1-215-693-1199.

Practical Legal Applications for the Transgendered Person & Allies
In this workshop, we'll be discussing topics that include: interacting with law and government officials, traveling and dealing with the TSA, driver's licenses, birth certificates, managing your medical paperwork and how/when to disclose your transgender status, medical power of attorney, wills and estates, contracts housing, trusts, funeral arrangements and more. Topics are relevant to all attendees. Presenter: Melissa Marie Alexander

Transgender Youth & the Juvenile Justice System
An overview of the challenges faced by transgender youth when they become involved with the juvenile justice system: * Overview of the juvenile justice system * How transgendered youth may become involved with the juvenile courts. *Myths about transgendered youth in detention *How the juvenile courts may perceive transgendered youth *How the juvenile system responds to transgendered youth *Issues of differential treatment *Issues of harassment/potential violence *Legal rights of transgendered youth *Experiences of transgender youth in the juvenile system *Special concerns with transgendered youth in the juvenile justice system: *Mental health issues *suicide *Protection from harm *Healthcare issues *Advocacy & reform issues *Working with transgendered youth in the juvenile justice system. Presenter: Dr. James Buccigross

Open Door Coffeehouse
Open Door is celebrating their 7th year through its partnership with the Akron Area Pride Collective, to proclaim God's extravagant welcome to LGBT and allied community. Open Door has successfully offered a non alcohol venue with some wonderful entertainment from the community. The Open Door Coffeehouse is an “open mike” style program for all people, including the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. The Open Door Coffeehouse, an alcohol free/issue free event for people to gather, socialize and make new friends. Participants read poetry or short stories while others share from personal experiences. They also have serious musicians and karaoke projected on a screen so others can sing along. You choose what to sing, play on the piano or other forms of entertainment such as funny and professional videos from on line and personally crafted. Organizers try to accommodate anyone whatever their genre or expertise, unless you would rather just sit back and watch/listen. If you have a yen to perform (music, poetry, interpretive dance, fiction etc.) you can let it out here. Or you can make friends and be part of the audience in the very safe, supportive environment.  Presenter: Joni Christian

Safer Sex for Everybody
This session would cover the basics of safer sex and would include information on generalizing good safer sex options to the trans population. “Standard” safer sex literature often does not include information that is readily applicable to trans people. In addition to basic information, the session would include a question and answer portion, and discussion as appropriate. Presenter: Elizabeth Weiss

Making History Come Alive
Many people would like to write a book but don't know how to go about it. This program would explore some of the basics the presenter has learned from almost 60 years as a writer/author. Although I could do this solo, it also could be an interesting panel discussion with one or two other published authors. Presenter: Diana Britt Franklin

Partners of Transgender Individuals Panel
Panelists: TBA, Moderator: TBA

Parents of Transgender Individuals Panel
Panelists: TBA, Moderator: TBA

Intersexed: A frank discussion of the lives of intersexed individuals
Intersexed People: How many of us are there, how little people know about us and the condition we have. The more we educate people, the more they will understand. Presenter: Barbie Rogers

Legislation and You
This session will focus on current legislation, how it effects the everyday lives of the transgender community, and the importance of making change. Participants will additionally learn impactful ways to tell their stories in order to effectively educate and challenge current legislation. Presenter: Erin Upchurch, MSSA, LSW

Everything You Wanted to Know about TRANS but Never Asked!
Open to All TQI & Allies, Partners, & Family Members of TQI. Sensitive and thoughtful discussion of participant-raised topics of TRANS Concerns, Questions and Answers with, Merâl Crane, Clinical Director of the GPCO (Gender Program of Central Ohio) since 1979. No Questions off limits! Presenter: Meral Crane

Trans Survival: Initiating activism on college campuses
Initiating policy change to make your college campus a more trans-inclusive environment can be overwhelming. This program will start with a discussion of the environments of different college campuses. In the discussion each person in attendance will explain the changes they hope to see on their campuses in order to make them more trans-inclusive and the foreseen barriers to making these changes. After this discussion everyone will look at the Trans Survival Guide made by members of GenderBloc at the University of Cincinnati. We will discuss the process of creating such a document and how the creation of the document and the networking it requires can open doors to initiate the previously discussed changes at your college or university to create a more trans-inclusive environment. Presenter: Emma Southard

Queer Parenting
Presenters: Sile Singleton & Erin Tarr

"You look like a Freak": Influences of Gender on Societal Recognition
Identity is communicated through gender expression. Societal gender norms determine what behaviors and expressions are culturally acceptable and create a concept of normalcy. Normalcy is the key determinant in societal recognition. We group identities based on recognizable traits that align to gender normative expectations. Atypical expressions in sex, sexuality, gender identity, and gender presentation that exist outside a heteronormative construct lack normalcy. This lack of normalcy results in marginalization, denial of societal recognition, and the label of “freak.” This workshop evaluates the cultural concept of normalcy and how it affects members of the queer, and more specifically the transgender and genderqueer community. It will cover gender identity, sexuality, desire, and how these elements play into the presentation and creation of freaks. It will also discuss who enforces the rules of gender expression, why we feel we have to follow them, and how we can break them. Presenter: Jac Stringer

Sex Change Hospital - Episode Screening & Discussion
Stephanie will lead a discussion and a Q&A session around the screening of her episode of the GLAAD Media Award - nominated documantary series, Sex Change Hospital. The series ran for the first time in the U.S. on the Women's Entertainment (WeTV) cable neetwork in the fall of 2008, and is currently still being shown on that channel. It was also featured in the United Kingdom on Channel 4 in 2007. The episode also features Stephanie's dear friend and noted author, Diana Franklin, of Dublin, Ohio. Diana accompanied Stephanie to Trinidad, Colorado for her gender reassignement surgery with Dr. Marci Bowers in July of 2006, which is chronicled in the episode. Diana will co-lead the discussion and Q & A as well. Presenters: Stephanie Battaglino and Diana Britt Franklin

Gods, Goddesses, Atheists and Jesus - Transgender in Religion
What has religion had to say about transgender people throughout history? Which religions and denominations are accepting and welcoming today? Why does the Pope, while presenting in some interesting fashion choices, have a problem? How do you choose a place of worship? How do transgender religious professionals and congregants negotiate these issues? How can we make our church or religious groups more educated and accepting? We will look at and discuss these questions in a practical and fun session. Presenter: Kat Holtz

FTM Panel Discussion (This discussion is for FTM/Masculine self-identified individuals only.)
Let's drop the polite conversations and let's talk blunty. Come talk to Shane, Jacob, Milo and Edward about their experiences growing up, changes in community once you transition, coming out, sexuality and relationships, things we know now that would've been helpful years ago, hormones and experiences with emotional and physical changes, managing anger & aggression, support networks, mentoring and more. There will also be a discussion about surgical options and a chest surgery show-and-tell. This discussion is for FTM/Masculine Identified individuals only.  Panelists: Shane Morgan, Jacob Nash, Milo Primeaux, Edward Bowers

"Learning your Needs" Multiethnic Advocates for Cultural Competence (MACC) Statewide Needs Assessment
In this workshop, we'll discuss the following: 1) Learning to describe your needs - Cultural Competence Needs Assessment Project design and process, 2) Listing the Needs Assessment findings and 3) Discussing the project outcomes and implications for the transformation of Ohio’s behavioral health system. Presenter: Charleta B. Tavares

Transgender Parenting, Case law and Same-Sex Marriages
This will be a two part session.

Part I will provide an overview/survey of federal and Ohio statutes and case law providing protections against discrimination (based on gender identity and gender stereotyping) in the workplace.

Part II of the session will provide an overview of the legal recognition of adult relationships and parent-child relationships, where one of the adults is transgender, including a discussion of the recent events in California, related to the subject of same-sex marriage. Both will provide a generous question and answer session. Presenters: Tara McKenzie Allison, Esq. and Professor Mark Strasser


Capital University Law School
Outlook Columbus
The Center on High - Stonewall Columbus
Ohio Democratic Party LGBT Caucus
Wall Street Night Club
Club Diversity
The Apothecary Shops
Gender Program of Central Ohio
North Congregational United Church of Christ
The Wexner Center
Equality Ohio


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