Train the Trainer Boise, IdahoApril 1 & 2

As a manager, supervisor, or trainer, training others is a vital part of your job.  But “telling” is not training…

Learn how to give powerful training
 presentations on any topic!

Who should attend?

♦  Experienced managers or trainers wishing to improve their training skills
♦  New managers, supervisors, or trainers
♦  Experienced managers with little or no formal training in how to train
♦  Executives, consultants or in-house trainers
♦  Anyone who gives presentations

Why should you attend?

One of the biggest complaints in employee surveys is “poor training.”  Think how much more productive your employees will be when you give them highly-effective training!

Learn how the best managers, executives, and trainers create and deliver training for maximum results.

In just two days you will learn skills that will be useful for years – and you’ll be putting them to use the very next day!
     And there’s more:
1.  You will be among other trainers and managers who have a desire to learn.  You’ll be free to ask questions and share experiences that others will relate to—and you will relate to theirs. 

2.  You’ll get more than your money’s worth. The material covered will pay you back many times over. You can count on learning the latest strategies and tools – and that learning will last a lifetime.
3.   Your instructor has over 25 years experience training in a broad spectrum of industries and with companies of all shapes and sizes. Tap into his experience and learn the best of what really works!
4. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. This workshop gives you proven, practical, useful knowledge and tools. If you somehow believe that you didn’t receive your money’s worth, we will reimburse as much of your tuition as you believe to be fair!

What you will learn:

♦  A systematic approach to training  --  Learn and practice the five steps needed to create effective training
♦  The best methods for On-the-Job training  -- 
Shorten the time it takes people to learn while increasing their retention!
♦  Individual learning styles  -- 
Identify different ways people perceive and process information – and adapt your training as needed
♦  Presentation techniques and tools  -- 
Learn the pros and cons of different methods and techniques; and the best time to use each!
♦  Measuring results  --  Learn a practical way to measure the impact of your training



In this hands-on, information-packed workshop
you’ll learn key skills the best managers and trainers use to
plan, organize, and deliver training so people really learn!


Who is your facilitator?

Dan Bobinski, M.Ed., CPBA (Certified Professional Behavior Analyst), has been a sought-after trainer and coach for more than 20 years.  He is a past chapter president for the American Society for Training and Development, and is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the International Association of Workplace Professionals. 

As President of
Leadership Development, Inc. and Director for the Center for Workplace Excellence, Dan creates, conducts, and oversees training for Fortune 500 companies as well as small and mid-size concerns.
Dan is a published author, a syndicated columnist, and a popular keynote speaker. His work appears in such publications as The Times of London, Business Management magazine, the Journal of Management Services, HR Magazine, CXO magazine, and other journals and newspapers.  His next book, Creating Passion-Driven Teams, will be published in June of 2009.
Additionally, Dan is an adjunct professor at Idaho State University. He holds a degree in Workforce Education and Development, a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Training and Development, and he is currently completing his Ph.D. in Adult and Organizational Learning.

What are others saying?
"This course is an excellent experience; useful, effective, and money well-spent. I highly recommend it!”
Travis Naef, Field Trainer, Agrium - Conda
"This is a fantastic course. I was able to return to my job and start applying the material immediately.”
                    Mary Fordyce, Registered Nurse, Columbia Health Care Systems
“An extremely effective method. You KNOW the people being trained will experience quality learning.”  
Dan Woodward, Vice President, One Day Redesigns

Our workshops are 100% Guaranteed! 
We are confident you will learn proven tips and techniques
that will make you a better trainer.
If you are dissatisfied with this workshop,
send us a letter within 30 days explaining why.
We’ll even let you tell us how much you think you should be refunded!

This is truly a win-win workshop -- You win no matter what! Enroll today!













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