Townsend Retirement Specialists cordially invites you to attend ...

Re-Inventing Boomers For Re-Hire


"Lemons Into Margaritas”

Discover practical solutions and strategies to remain competitive in today's job market through a variety of professional experts.  This unique event brings together nationally recognized speakers to offer insight into such topics as personal branding, interviewing techniques, resume writing, social networking, compensation and financial planning that will assist you in achieving your potential.  You'll also have the opportunity to meet and network with other area professionals-establishing relationships that will be valuable to you long after the event has ended.


Featuring Mark McIntosh




Co-host of KUSA-TV's "Colorado and Company," Comeback Coach and author, Mark McIntosh; Career Placement Advisor, Phil Chipouras; Social Networking Guru and President of Knebl Communications, Kevin Knebl; President of YourBrandPlan, David Sandusky; and President of Townsend Retirement Specialists, Jeff Townsend.




Featuring: 24 Hour Fitness, Macy's (Dressing for success), Men's Warehouse,, Denver Business Journal, Fran Network (Franchising expert); Health Insurance experts; AND MANY MORE!

There will be drawings for prizes and giveaways at this event.  Dont' Delay!  Sign up now, as seating is limited.





Networking and Margaritas will take place during the last hour of this event! 




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Townsend Retirement Specialists cordially invites you to attend ... Re-Inventing Boomers For Re-Hire "Lemons Into Margaritas” Discover practical solutions and ... Customer Reviews: Rehired, Not Retired: …

Find helpful customer reviews and ... Proven Strategies for the Baby Boomers! at Amazon ... I was tempted to try the prescription the author gives to reinvent ...

Blog: Andrea Hoffman -

Townsend Retirement Specialists cordially invites you to attend ... Re-Inventing Boomers For Re-Hire "Lemons Into Margaritas” Discover practical solutions and ...

Rehire of Anne Alexander Heralds the 'Brand Reinvention' at Prevention

17 rehire of Anne Alexander as Prevention.senior VP ... Alexander, who started with the announcement, is charged with “reinventing” the brand in order to help it reach the growing upscale female boomer audience that is moving into the 2.93 million ... • 9/18/2012

Turning boomers into boomerangs

Japanese companies such as Mazda rehire them on one-year renewable contracts ... a large financial-services firm, argued that “baby-boomers fundamentally will reinvent retirement”. They will, said the report, “cycle” between periods of work ...

The Economist online • 2/16/2006

Second Spin

Yet as the baby boomers set out to reinvent retirement, this stereotype may be the biggest ... California has begun trying to rehire its own retiring state workers. Before they walk out the door, employees who think they might want to come back, either ...

Governing • 12/31/2008

Md. Tries to Stay on Top of Teacher Shortage Trends

In 2007-2008, 177 teachers participated in the state's retire/rehire program, specially designed to retain ... "We have a once-in-a-century opportunity to reinvent the make-up of the educational system," Carroll said. "Let's not just recreate the ...

Southern Maryland Online • 4/8/2009

i4cp Survey Finds Most Employers Have No Plan to Stem Baby Boomer Brain Drain

And someone who does retire is often brought back: 62% of survey respondents say they rehire retired employees on a part-time ... Peers to spark new ideas and prevent “reinventing the wheel” 2. Research to enable members to understand current … • 6/25/2008

Redefining the age of retirement

According to Randall S Hansen on Quint Careers, people who reinvent themselves after retirement are becoming ... companies to raise their retirement age to 65 from 60 by 2013 or rehire their retiring workers. However, there was a lot of opposition from ...

Computer World • 7/3/2005

How managers are losing their jobs

According to a partner and demographics specialist with KPMG, Bernard Salt, many reinvent themselves as consultants ... is it worth eliminating so many middle managers in order to rehire them at possibly greater expense in, say, three years?

The Age • 11/24/2002

Shakeup Behind the Scenes for ‘The View’

The recent overhaul at “The View” has claimed a high-level casualty behind the cameras, as the ABC morning chatfest continues to reinvent both its on-air ... while longtime host Barbara Walters retired earlier this year. Meanwhile, in the face of ...

Television Week • 8/7/2014

PIMCO's Bill Gross: Sub-2% Growth And Unemployment Above 7% For A Decade

Bill Gross practicing his swing - Image credit ... the software for “machines” are being displaced without upscaled replacement jobs. Retrain, rehire into higher paying and value-added jobs? That may be the political myth of the modern era.

Forbes • 12/5/2012

10 reasons it's great to turn 50

Chances are Brad Pitt, Rita Wilson, Oprah Winfrey, Janet Napolitano, Daniel Day Lewis, Meg Whitman, and their many, many cohorts can attest to some of the pros of turning the Big ... are taking on "encore" careers, reinventing themselves in professions ...

CNN • 1/16/2014

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