Democamp 7

Do you have a tool, a piece of software, a set of scripts, new toy, hardware hacks that you want feedback on? Bring it. Show it. Share!

Democamp is an extension of the Barcamp Movement, intended to keep our kick-ass community growing through monthly meetings where the latest and greatest gets demoed by the amazing people who make up the tech world in Toronto (and abroad!). Check out some cool demos, meet some great people, and join us for beer after!

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT T-SHIRTS: Our fundraising efforts for Barcamp 2 fell a little short of the mark and then someone made off with the keg fridge before the brewery had a chance to pick it up. We are now, unfortunately, stuck with replacing the fridge at a cost of about $600, so we're going to do another round of t-shirts (without logos) to pay it off. If you'd like to help cover the cost, please buy a ticket with a shirt. Please note that t-shirts are only on sale until July 15th because we need time to have them made before the event. Thanks!

Name Sales End Price
Small T-shirt (and a ticket)   Ended $17
Medium T-shirt (and a ticket)   Ended $17
Large T-shirt (and a ticket)   Ended $17
X-Large T-Shirt (and a ticket)   Ended $17
XX-Large T-Shirt (and a ticket)   Ended $17
   Ended Free