Virtual Seminar: Tools and Methods for Learning, Navigating and Making a Name for Yourself in the UX Landscape

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Tools and Methods for Learning, Navigating and Making

a Name for Yourself in the UX Landscape

Led by one of Adaptive Path's Project Managers, Teresa Brazen.


This 60 minute online seminar provides aspiring UX professionals and those already embedded in the field with approaches to increase your value and impact within the User Experience Design community.

Who is this workshop for?

Are you new to the world of user experience and find yourself grappling with terms and jargon? Or are you a more seasoned UX professional who is looking for ways to increase the impact you have within your organization and the UX community at large? This talk offers some simple, creative approaches to understanding and navigating the sea of methods and concepts that make up the UX practice, while embedding yourself as a player in the UX industry.

A painter, filmmaker and one of Adaptive Path's project managers, Teresa talks about how she came to find herself a fish out of water at Adaptive Path and the creative approach she took to understanding a new industry and her place in it. She shares the three things that have helped her thrive in her new environment:

 + Knowledge Mapping

Learn how to create diagrams that allow you to visualize what you know about the industry, what you don't know, and the areas where you can supplement what you already know.

+ Community-Building

Building a community of influential friends is as simple as paying attention to the people around you. Teresa will share how her idea to start a podcast ( has allowed her to learn about UX methods and practice from the people who have helped grow the field or who have made huge waves in the industry. She will also share key things you can do to build authentic, rich relationships with others in the field. And networking is not one of them!

+ Using Your Own Voice

Whether you're a student or an experienced UX professional, finding and using your voice will make a difference for your career. Teresa will provide you with tools to help you uncover what you have to offer, create a mantra (everyone needs one!) and will share videos from others who have created strong personal brands within the UX community.


Appearances by Scott Berkun, Merlin Mann, Whitney Hess, & Rachel Hinman.


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How does a Virtual Seminar work?

You'll participate in the seminar through an online presentation on your web browser. The technology works on both PCs and Macs. We encourage you to share the seminar with your colleagues on a big screen. Feel free to wear your pajamas if you're at home (we can't see you!). Detailed instructions for attending the seminar will be sent out a few days before the seminar, including audio information, system requirements and a few technical tips.

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