2009 Feast of Tishri -- Spokane

2009 Feast of Tishri, Spokane

September 10, 2009

7:15 p.m.

Spokane Masonic Center


  One of the most special events of the year, your Scottish Rite leadership has extended an invitation to the Spokane York Rite to exemplify portions of their elite degree work that directly and very specifically re-enacts the celebrations at the completion of King Solomon's Temple in the year 953 B.C.E.

  Last year at this event you may remember our popular "Medieval Banquet."  This year we will skip back another 2000 years to the days of Hiram Abiff and celebrate together the creation of the first permanent home of the Arc of the Covenant.  In keeping with the spirit of Brotherhood and Friendship, we invite each participant to join in with the spirit of the celebration and do what they can to don the attire of the era. 


Park your mouse over the following images for descriptions of pictures from 2008:

See assorted Masonic presentations by clicking on the pictures

Br. Carlton Oakes, CEO of the Spokane Masonic Center, wows the audience with his outstanding virtuosity on the classical guitar.  2008 Feast of Tishri, Spokane. Carlton not only is an accomplished performer, but he also makes his own guitars.  2008 Feast of Tishri, Spokane. You groups did a great job of serving the meal.

 Br. Carlton did a marvelous job of setting the mood for a wonderful feast.  2008 Feast of Tishri, Spokane. Masonic Youth Group leadership chipped in to help out. 2008 Feast of Tishri, Spokane. Video enhancements for Medieval Banquets just don't seem appropriate, somehow.  2008 Feast of Tishri, Spokane.


Tables arranged just right for entertainment.  Fully decorated auditorium.  2008 Feast of Tishri, Spokane. It is really difficult to chase wenches in chain mail! 2008 Feast of Tishri, Spokane. Masonic Youth Groups did an outstanding job of getting into the spirit at the 2008 Feast of Tishri, Spokane.


 The prop room of the Spokane Masonic Center served as the staging center for Azars, the caterer for the 2008 Feast of Tishri, Spokane. Diners had to put up with the crazy antics of the Serving Wenches.  2008 Feast of Tishri, Spokane. You never know when someone will come up with a wise crack about your Coat of Arms! 2008 Feast of Tishri, Spokane.


Coats or Arms were displayed along the front edge of the open tables. 2008 Feast of Tishri, Spokane. Each Guest had the opportunity to create his or her own coat of arms, and was invited later to share its meaning.  2008 Feast of Tishri, Spokane. Guest who is sharing the meaning of his Coat of Arms, 2008 Feast of Tishri, Spokane.

 WB Bruce Ostrander, (#210), Court Bard for 2008 Feast of Tishri, Spokane. Jobs' Daughters, Rainbow Girls and DeMolay servers for 2008 Feast of Tishri, Spokane.

                                QR Code for cell phone use. Use your cell phone to take a picture of this code.  If you need assistance, go to http://www.kaywa.com.

  Entertainment, games, skits and program will all be geared toward the time period and the geographical area around ancient Jerusalem at that time in history.  This is a public event and open to the public, age 12 and above.  This is a perfect time to invite your neighbor, your friends and those with whom you toil to come share our Friendship and Goodwill and to observe some of the core elements on which our Fraternity is based.

  In an effort to bridge the gap between the millennia, this year we reveal for the first time the opportunity for participants to register and send payment here through the secure PayPal system.  You need not be a PayPal member, any major credit or debit card will work.  It seems that most folks have gradually moved away from carrying check books these days and opted for the convenience, speed and added security of the bank card procedures.  This you can do on this site by selecting the options, above.

Parking is available in the Diamond Parking Lot

at 1400 W. Main Avenue, or on the streets to the north and south of the Spokane Masonic Center.


  Please feel free to pass this link on to anyone you would like to have share an evening of fun.


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Spokane Scottish Rite

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RiteCare of Spokane

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Name Sales End Price Fee
One Full Meal Deal ala Tishri   Ended $22 $
Two Full Meal Deals ala Tishri   Ended $39.5 $
Three Full Meal Deals ala Tishri   Ended $58 $
Donation option for RiteCare Spokane   Ended Free
Donation option for Almoner's Fund   Ended Free

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