May 2009 - Third Thursday Roundtable - Lighten Up & Laugh! with Richard Paul

Metro Detroit's Favorite Independent Business Networking Event

May 21, 2008 -  Lighten Up and Laugh

Speaker, Trainer and Humorist Richard Paul. 

Motivational Speaker Richard Paul focuses on humor in the workplace and stress reduction. Lighten-up and Laugh” hilariously discusses the many benefits of daily laughter.


Through his program, we will discover that the more we laugh the more we relax, the more we relax, the easier it is to work through challenges and emotional situations.

Richard Paul’s stress reduction program Lighten-up and Laugh explains that you don’t have to be a stand-up comedian or professional joke writer to promote laughter in the workplace. He illustrates his “easy workplace humor techniques, a list of simple, creative, funny stress relieving tidbits and activities that bring about laughter in the workplace. These simple elements of fun enable employees to communicate, connect, cope with daily challenges and reduce stress.

Do you want your workplace to be healthier, happier and less stressed? Would you like to hysterically energize your workplace with humor?  Then come laugh and learn from May’s Third Thursday Roundtable presentation with Speaker, Trainer and Humorist Richard Paul. 



Sign up before May 19, at 12 Noon and you can save $5 off each paid admission. Simply type Promo Code: May09TTR when ordering. 

Name Sales End Price
Single Admission, Paid In Advance - May 2009 Third Thursday Roundtable Ended $25
Table of 10 - Advance Admission - May 2009 Third Thursday Roundtable Ended $250
Table of Five - May 2009 Third Thursday Roundtable Ended $125

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