How To Profit From Foreclosures

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How to Profit From Foreclosures

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Nationally-syndicated columnist, bestselling real estate book author and Newstalk 750 WSB radio talk show host Ilyce Glink believes that the economy cannot truly recover until a floor forms under the real estate market. That means the excess numbers of homes for sale will have to be purchased by ready, willing, and able buyers - the sooner the better!

But how will this happen? Some of it will occur naturally, as first-time buyers take advantage of the $8,000 tax credit (due to expire November 30, 2009).

But with millions of foreclosed properties on the market (and more on the way), there will have to be investors who step up and purchase these properties, and figure out how to make them profitable.

In response to the copious numbers of requests we've received, this fall, Think Glink, Inc. will present our next public event: How to Profit from Foreclosures. With millions of foreclosed properties coming onto the market, you've been telling us that you want to know how to profitably buy, rent, and invest in these foreclosures. We plan to provide you not only with the answers to your questions, but a roadmap that will help you become the successful investors you've always wanted to be.

At our event, you'll be able to hear from seasoned investors who are making amazing, low-cost investments into properties - and reaping sizeable rewards from the get-go. It sounds like Monopoly, and to a certain extent it is. But knowing where to look for these properties, how much to pay for them, and how to put the pieces of the deal together will determine whether you make money or lose big-time!

We want you to be a winner when it comes to real estate investing. So plan to join us this fall, as we introduce you to some phenomenally successful investors who will tell you their stories and share their secrets. We'll also give you the opportunity to interact with top-notch real estate companies that can add substance to your foreclosure-purchase team. It's hard to do it alone - and why should you? The best real estate investors know which real estate agents to trust, which accountants can help them with their numbers, which real estate lawyers can draft up the documents and seal the deal, and which home and property inspectors will give them a bird's eye view at any problems that come down the line.

If you are a successful real estate investor, or a real estate company that wishes to discuss sponsorship of the event, please contact Ilyce.

And come back often. As we hammer out the details of the event, we'll post them here and at


For sponsorship information, email Jenn.

Please note: There will be no refunds for any tickets, ebooks, or lunches purchased for the event.



What did people think about our last event, Makover Your Money?

  • “It was superb!”


  • “I loved that you could talk one on one with the speakers.”


  • “I felt it was very well organized. Ilyce is a wonderful hostess and an incredibly sharp human being.”


  • “I wish the ‘Financing & Foreclosure’ session would have covered buying a foreclosure.”


  • “The personal question and answer period with the guest speakers was the best.”


  • “Format seems to work very well for a group this size.”


  • “Ilyce was available before and after the formal presentations - very nice touch.”


  • “I’d like to have seen more vendor participation. I like the fact that the vendors didn't come across as a 'salesman's agenda', marketing for more clients. Education is the best prelude to the sales opportunity. Build on it appropriately, and they will come to you instinctively!”
  • “The smaller venue allowed the guests to make personal inquiries after the panels' presentations.”


  • “I found value in all the sessions.”


  • “Even the session I liked the least I got something out of it. That speaks well for all the speakers that were there.”


  • “It's hard to rank these as they were all excellent.”


  • “I am happy I did not have to pay for parking.”


  • “The room was large and open, the parking was excellent, and it was easy to find the event.”


  • “The panels were all great and informative and attendees had the opportunity to ask questions. Could not have been better organized.”


  • “I came to learn and I enjoyed it.”


  • “Fantastic value!!!” 



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