Be Your Own Boss: 7 Essential Secrets to Going it Alone

The Hired Guns Academy

Be Your Own Boss: 7 Essential Secrets to Going it Alone

When:      June 30th from 6:00 to 9:00

Cost:         $129

Location:  The Hired Guns Hive 33 West 17th St (between Fifth and Sixth Aves, New York, NY 10011

Contact:    Mary Matyas - Dean, (646) 452-8986 

Instructor: Beth Temple

Course Description:

Be Your Own Boss: Seven Essential Secrets to Going it Alone

The new individualism movement is here. It's time. And you're ready.

Sure, venturing out on your own can be scary. But trust us -- life as a freelancer comes with rewards that make it all worthwhile. Treat your freelance career as its own business from day one, and being your own boss can mean empowered, unlimited success... and flexible, cube-free days.

Created specifically for early stage freelancers and individuals itching to quit their day job, this course is a jump-start to branching out on your own. Plus, it offers the added benefit of a water-cooler vibe; you'll get to network with fellow Hired Guns who, just like you, have the moxie to strike out on their own.

Covering the "Seven Essential Secrets" every freelancer needs to succeed, this intensive evening session helps you to develop your unique selling proposition and understand why marketing yourself is truly critical. Get much-needed insights into managing your finances, setting your rates and negotiating, and learn how to navigate corporate politics from outside the cubicle. And most importantly, figure out how to up-sell and cross-sell along the way, so you can score your next gig while you're safely in your current one.

Bottom line: Score all the insider info you need to become the busiest -- and best paid -- freelancer you know (from one of the busiest freelancers we know).

Your Instructor: Beth Temple is a long-time Hired Gun and a wildly successful solopreneur, having succeeded (read: made real money) as an independent consultant for over a decade. With clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 powerhouses, she's strictly digital and all about transforming businesses. Peek inside her brain at Beth has built tried-and-true methods for thriving in just about every type of client engagement, and collected priceless tricks for building a great reputation through referrals, writing columns and speaking engagements. She gets it, and after just one course, so will you. Follow Beth on Twitter.

Date: Tuesday, June 30th
Time: 6:00-9:00 PM
Place: The Hired Guns Hive, 33 West 17th Street, New York, NY
Cost: $129
Instructor: Beth Temple
Pre-Requisites: A sturdy backbone

About The Hired Guns Academy
(For Guns, By Guns)

The Hired Guns Academy is a new kind of career and brand management training program, committed to providing you with unmatched content, hand-selected instructors and a community of Guns to work (and play) with.

The perfect place for state of the art career management, Academy courses are guaranteed to get you thinking differently about career and personal brand management. To help you to outperform in this new, post-corporate economy, we've crafted an inspirational, educational curriculum; carefully matched each course to the Hired Guns instructor we consider to be best-in-class experts; and engineered a unique experience that will ensure an intimate, hands-on, and networking-friendly learning environment.

Let The Hired Guns Academy separate you from the crowd, empowering you to completely take charge of your future. Be brave. Come learn. Have fun.

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