The World At Your Feet Launch

Dear Guest


The World At Your Feet would like to invite you to the launch of the new book "Three Strikes to a Successful Entrepreneurial Life" and Board Game called "Teen-Trepreneur" on June 18th 2009.


The Event takes place at Swanlea School (31 Brady St, Whitechapel, London E1 5DJ) from 6pm to 8pm - Guests will arrive from 5.30pm and enjoy refreshments before the event starts at 6pm.

Quick schedule of event:

5.30pm - 6pm - Guests Arrive, Enjoy Refreshments
6pm - 6.05pm - Short Introduction by two 'Little TWAYFers'
6.05pm - 6.50pm - Sabirul Islam and Guest Speakers
6.50pm - 7pm - The Little TWAYFers
7pm - 7.30pm - Networking, With Food and Refreshment available
7.30pm - 8pm - Book and Board Game Signing


We are delighted to have guest speakers Tina Bettison who is a best selling author, Presenter and Talk Show Host and Lily Lapenna, an award winning social entrepreneur and founder of MyBnk.


This event is to bring The World At Your Feet to a whole new level in succeeding to promote enterprise and entrepreneurship across the UK. The event will help to bridge the connection required with organisations that can help promote the meesage and inspiration which The World At Your Feet book and board game is looking to share with young people across the UK. 

We look forward to having you at the event.


Kind Regards

Sabirul Islam
CEO, The World At Your Feet


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