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Exploring ideas and images surrounding the notion of “walking,” vis-à-vis the body with disabilities, multimedia performance piece, eVokability: The Walking Project will be presented November 15, 16 and 17 in Philadelphia. Performers wear Costumes embedded with sensors that track the shape and force of physical gesture, using these dynamics to generate live media projections that amplify their movement. Each performer’s sensor-based Costume is technically “tailored,” to her body and her movement. Each Costume functions as a media "instrument" that the performer plays: a virtual extension of the body, a narrative prop. Performers approach the subject of walking from the standpoint of a question: what does it mean to walk—and how is it accomplished by those with different bodies? Where steps and stairways can be insuperable barriers to the world's most serious institutions and harmless pleasures alike, these performers address this basic emblem of human mobility and autonomy. eVokability began as a collaboration between Drury, a new media artist and disabilities scholar Carol Marfisi in 2003. The Walking Project has grown out of this initial collaboration, with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and Temple University and with the contributions of many talented people, including electronics designer Charlie Hoey and programmer Seth Erickson.There are three solo pieces that comprise The Walking Project. The performers are Cathy Weis, Shelley Barry, and Lezlie Frye. Body movements of the performers—grand and slight—cause “ripples” of digital imagery, transposed via computer and projected onto a screen. In “Standing Noise,” Cathy Weis wears sensor-soled shoes that visually amplify her weight shifts and help narrate her experiences of standing still, walking and dancing. Shelley Barry’s three-part piece “Transit” is an interactive meditative comtemplation on land and longing. Lezlie Frye wears sensors on her hands to explore the “realtime body archive”—the graphing of physical activity and particularity of movement against the grid of cultural mobility.

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