The Artwork of Van Holmgren
The SMASH Galley
400 East Locust
Des Moines, Iowa  50309


Saturday  April 4th
4- 7:30 pm
LIMITED EDITION T-Shirt designed by Van to be printed exclusively for the show
you choose the color and size with black ink
eats... drinks...musics...

"As I live my life as an artist, I want to make connections between symbols, topics, people, animals, the past, and the future. Not everything is connected at first glance, but when you slow things down and put thing next to one another, they begin to tell a story no matter how opposite they are from one another. When you walk down an alley that is covered with graffiti and stencil work you can see this at play. Each artist that brought their idea and color to that location had their own agenda and idea. It is the interaction that comes after these pieces are placed within proximity to one another that stories are formed. I choose to use wood because I was raised on a now non-functioning farm in central Iowa. There were barns, sheds, and fences that had been up for years, all painted, and were now shedding their colorful exterior. This planted the seed of the beauty that painted wood held in showing the grain of the wood after wear and tear. My use of stencils comes from my love for graffiti art and stenciling. The bright colors and sharp definitions of form that a associated with street art. I am trying to capture the essence of the language formed when symbols come together and place that on a canvas. Many of the subjects I deal with are far grittier than I make them appear to the viewer. It is like I am polishing up a story that many would find as offensive and making it presentable to the public. There is also a mythology to most of my work where animals and humans share the same space, both not sure who is the human or the beast."

-Van Holmgren

Please come out for a great show! TONS of new work... it is by far some of my best work...EVER!


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