Temasek/Fullerton Gripevine Xmas Get-Together!

Hi you!

You are invited to join us for a nite of fun, laughter and perhaps even horror on this occasion where we come together to:

  • Celebrate Xmas and exchange presents
  • Unveil the perverted side of your drunk colleagues
  • Toast to yet another year gone still doing shit work
  • Toast to a hopefully less shit work new year
  • Toast to getting closer to quitting (we say that every year!)
  • Love and be loved.

We will meet at Link7 (Temasek) at 7.00pm! Venue is still being decided (most likely White Rabbit at Dempsey).

Partners are welcome but onli if you are realli serious about them. Cute guys (by Suni's standards) will get free entrance. 


Please, for each of you who is attending, bring along ONE present, costing at least $25, wrapped up. We will be having a gift-exchanging session - we will be pooling the gifts, and everyone will have to hard sell to the pool why his present should be picked. Then we will go around the table and everyone will choose a present from the pool. Everyone will open their gifts and at the end of the night we will vote for the best and worst present. Nocondomslubricantsbodyshopproductsleftovertangerinesfromchinesenewyeardeceptivewrapping.

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