Medical tourism: Is it the answer to the health care crisis facing millions of Americans?

Recently, in a television interview, former Senator Bill Bradley said that currently 47 million Americans don9t have health insurance.  What to do if you9re like many of us who can9t afford health insurance?  The surprise is that often people who can9t afford it are not poor, rather what we9ve come to call the "working poor."  And, many of them don9t want to lose assets they worked all their lives for to pay for necessary medical treatment.  Many self-employed individuals can9t pay for health insurance or struggle to do so.  Some believe this is a health care crisis that will continue in the coming decades.

Our guest speaker for the re-launch of TEA Women Network events, Maggi Ann Grace, faced just such a dilemma when her partner, Howard Stabb, learned that a leaking mitral valve in his heart needed to be repaired.  If it wasn9t treated his condition could kill him.  The cost for this procedure in a North Carolina hospital was prohibitive. Howard, a self-employed contractor, didn9t have health insurance.

Their dilemma led them to seek out treatment offered by a highly qualified surgeon in India, a man who had practiced at NYU and returned to India to open a heart hospital.  Maggi will be here to talk about their journey for Howard9s surgery, something that led to them to testifying before the US Senate subcommittee on Aging, numerous newspaper articles and now to her book, State of the Heart, soon to be released by New Harbinger Publications.

Maggi and Howard9s journey to India is not only a story of man having life saving surgery at an affordable price, but a commentary on the state of health care in America, something you surely don9t want to miss.  She9ll be here to take the questions that no doubt cross your mind every time you hear about people going to other countries for medical care. We think this is an amazing story, one that will provoke conversation for years to come. We urge you not to miss it.

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