TCMUG Garageband Seminar & Workshop

The one hour interactive semnar session will be focused on three points:

1) a general overview of what one can do within Garage Band
2) a live example of multi tracking music
3) a live example of taking video and voicing over

a Q & A period will follow

The 90 minute workshop in the lab will be hands-on with a multi track file to learn the nuts and bolts of managing performances in GB. This is limited to the first 19 reservations.

1) a multi-track studio-recorded piece of music to mix and apply effects to
2) overview of GB capabilities - a) working with individual tracks, b) working with all tracks at once (fade in, fade out, EQ, etc), and c)
built in features (loops)
3) Sharing (exporting) your work to other iLife applications, to a mastering tool (i.e. Audacity) or to the web.

An attendee should leave these two sessions with the basic ability to open Garage Band and record speech, music or other inputs; as well as perform general effects and mixing applications and then share their subsequent work.

Additional reading and further research will be recommended for continuing one's study of GB.

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