THE BOTTOM LINE - Your Strategy For Success

If YOU want more time and more money to enjoy a what is important in life, this is for YOU…





Our process is PROVEN              


Do you ever dream about having more time and more money in your life? 


Better, anything you do, you excel with ease. 


People recognize your talents and they do everything they can to support you to succeed.


Sounds too LUCKY to be true?


Not if you know the science of creating LUCK.


Is there really a science of creating LUCK?


If this sounds too good for you, then I suggest you to check it out. 


The producer of this workshop, Allan Cheung, discovered it 2 years ago and in just 2 years, he has created 6 new businesses.  The best part is that he has the right people working for him while he seldom works.  He surely seems to be a lucky guy. 


So what does he do now that he seldom works? 


He has created a process for people to learn and apply this science of creating luck and teaches it in his 2-day workshop called THE BOTTOM LINE.  


So what is THE BOTTOM LINE? 


In a nutshell, THE BOTTOM LINE is a strategic planning process for your life and your business.  It is like when you embark on a new venture, you plan for your trip. 


Our life is like a venture.  When is the last time we plan for our life? 


What makes this strategic planning process unique is that it applies Wealth Dynamics, the science of creating LUCK, to show you the most effective way for you to achieve your bottom line.


One graduate of this workshop in March 2009 reported cutting down his working hours from 84 hours a week to 28, while becoming a CEO of a new company and earning a lot more.  This happened within 5 months since he learned from the BOTTOM LINE process from Allan.  


The other graduate, after 10 years of having consistent setback, changed his career and now everything is set up automatically to generate income for him.  This happened within 1 month of attending the workshop. 




Your time is precious.  That is why we have combined THE BOTTOM LINE for life and THE BOTTOM LINE for business into one program and gives you a life-changing 2 day and 1 evening workshop. 


At the end of this workshop, you are expected to get these results:

  • Doors to new possibilities and new ways to create more results with less work are opened
  • Insights to how successful billionaires create their wealth with seemingly effortless ease and how you can model your success after them
  • Clarity on what strategies to adopt and what actions to take - especially during this crisis where “danger produced opportunities”

In fact, you will take away tools such that, for the rest of your life, you know how to:

  • Generate “FLOW” for your self, your team and your company so everything becomes easy for you
  • How to get back into FLOW when you find yourself stuck
  • How to find what really matters to you and get more of it
  • How to use your logical mind, emotional heart and unstoppable spirit effectively so you will become a true champion
  • How to systematically create LUCK for you to succeed, effortlessly

What does that mean to your bottom line?

  • More income
  • More time to do what you love
  • More success and recognition
  • More fulfillment as you constantly get what really matters to you


The BOTTOM LINE process is powerful and resultful because it is based on a system called Wealth Dynamics.  Wealth Dynamics was created by Roger Hamilton after modeling after all the most successful business leaders in the world and discovered that there are in total 8 different ways to create massive wealth and success with ease. Both Allan and Frances are personally trained by Roger Hamilton and in 2008, Frances is also the lead trainer for all Wealth Dynamics Master Practitioners worldwide. 


The other factor that has made THE BOTTOM LINE so powerful is Allan's experience of advising hundreds of companies on strategy as a McKisney consultant first before he started his own companies.  In total, Allan has founded and managed 12 companies.  He has failed in some, succeeded in others.  He has purchased some companies with no cash and sold a few to listed companies.  You get the essence of all his experience in this workshop.  




Ask yourself if you have any of these moments in the past 3 months:

  • Wishing you could spend more time with your self and your family instead of working in the office
  • Wishing you could find a few capable teammates to help you finish your work
  • Wishing you could do something that really turns you on
  • Wishing you could earn a lot of money doing only what you love
  • Wishing you could live a more fulfilling life by enjoying more success in a career while having a balance of work with personal life


If you had any of these wishes, take action now.  It is only through your actions that your wishes can come true.


THE BOTTOM LINE process is proven to create results.

We did a survey on our past graduates and they have experienced an average of 56% increase in their income within 3 months while cutting down working hours by at least 5 hours a week. 


Ask yourself that, just to be conservative when it comes to any investment decisions, if you could only increase your income by 10% in the next 12 months, will it be more than $4980?


If so, then invest in this workshop now.


Here is the deal:


2 seminars: THE BOTTOM LINE for Life plus THE BOTTOM LINE for Business will be offered in Hong Kong.


September 26-27, SAT-SUN, 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. plus a bonus


THE BOTTOM LINE Results evening workshop on


September 29, TUE, 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

You can get all 3 seminars for just $4980, an incredible value if you can increase your income by 56% on average and cut your working hours to less than 35 hours a week. 

In addition, you will get a bonus DVD The BOTTOM LINE - getting what really matters to you for FREE!


We are so confident that this seminar is life changing for you that we are willing to back it up with a ridiculous guarantee:


If you are not totally satisfied by the end of first day, return the materials and you get 100% refund, plus $20 for your MTR fare.


That means, the worst thing that can happen is you got the first day of this workshop for FREE.  Even your MRT ride is covered. 


We trust this is a sign of LUCK knocking on your door.



What do people say about THE BOTTOM LINE?


“I wanted to let you know that I thought the program last weekend was truly excellent. It led me to an important insight about my future direction.”

- Michelle Gabbe, Co-President of WBOC (Women Business Owners Club), Hong Kong


I found clarity in my values and invest my time accordingly.  I now work fewer hours and yet my company generates more profit, 25% of which is donated to charities for educational purpose.”

- Alex Lai, Managing Director of Integrity Financial Services, Hong Kong


“Even though I own my own company, I realized that I am actually selling my time to my own company.  After this workshop, I realized my passion and I look forward to spending more time living it.  This workshop is absolutely priceless.”

- Peter Chew, Managing Director of Instant Digital Services, Singapore


Who are the trainers?


The workshop is conducted by Allan Cheung and Frances Cheung.


Allan is known as Dr. OIC for his ability to Open doors to new possibilities, Insights and Clarity that give people “Oh I See” moments.  Allan has created 12 businesses, advised over hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs and is the Chairman of Karisma Group with companies in training, networking, business advisory and venture capital.  Allan’s unique background in engineering, business consulting and entrepreneurship has allowed him to design highly successful wealth acceleration programs that have given him the reputation as Asia’s number 1 Wealth Engineer.  Allan has an MBA from University of Chicago and a Master of Engineering from University of Rochester and worked for McKinsey and A.T. Kearney before he founded 12 companies.  He has failed several times before he succeeded and reached financial freedom by age 38.


Frances is known as the WISE Lady (WISE stands for Wealth Insights Serving Entrepreneurs) who turns your passion into cash flow.  She is the lead trainer for Wealth Dynamics Master Practitioners worldwide and she is personally trained by Roger Hamilton, the creator of Wealth Dynamics.  Frances has a unique talent to present profound ideas in simple language and touch your heart and mind so they tango together.  She has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and worked for Johnson & Johnson, Motorola, and A.T. Kearney as senior managers before she started Karisma Learning Institute.


Frances and Allan’s vision is an environmentally sustainable planet with education for all.  Their mission is to realize this vision through inspiring and educating entrepreneurs to transform the world through their business success.


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