Entrepreneur's Tax and Recordkeeping - Crash Course

A Crash Course for the Self-Employed Individual


Learn to handle your tax requirements, 1099s, write-offs and recordkeeping.  In our hands-on workshop, you will develop a concrete action plan for getting your finances in shape.  Get organized in our fast-paced crash course!


Description: You will walk out of this workshop with your own custom tax planning and recordkeeping to-do list and schedule.  We will cover:

  • Common tax write-offs for the self-employed: including often missed items such as Health Insurance, Training, Home Office Expenses and Transportation
  • Tax planning for the self-employed, including making your required quarterly payments and using a Health Savings Account
  • What paper receipts and records you must keep, and for how long
  • How to make your required quarterly estimated income tax payments
  • How to determine which forms and schedules to file with your IRS form 1040, and what NY state and NYC require
  • Best practices for tracking cash payments from customers / clients
  • Methods for budgeting for your social security tax payments
  • Determining which, if any, professional accounting software to use
  • How to decide if you need a separate business checking account

This fast-paced workshop is not a networking event, or a “teaser.” You must show up ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work!


Who should attend: Anyone who is self-employed.

We designed this workshop for entrepreneurs who do not own corporations and do not have formal business partners: sole proprietors and single-member LLCs.  If you are earning money and are not receiving a paycheck, this workshop is for you!

Presenters: Carol Buchman CPA, CFP and Jovena Natal




“I would urge anyone who wants to succeed in the daily operation of their business to attend one of Jovena's workshops. For someone who used to shy away from anything relating to mathematics, I was actually excited about learning the steps to future financial success from someone so talented!” - Meg LaBarbara


“This course was a great launch pad and I think the combining the information with a schedule and call to action is a great way to get things going.” – Bert Gervais, CEO, The Place Finder LLC



Sponsored by:  Robin Cohen of Atlantis Health Plan Rcohen@atlantishp.com  Atlantis


Pre-registration is required!  There are only 12 seats availble.


For additional information, contact the workshop facilitator:

Jovena Natal, SPHR
(917) 697-2063



Refund policy:  No refunds or credits.



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