The Subject-To Method of Investing

Come learn about this important method of creative finance - acquiring properties 'subject to the existing financing'

Tres Moss returns to again share with us his extensive knowledge and expertise in Subject-To transactions. 




Some of the great knowledge Tres will share:


·  What is Subject-To?

·  How to talk to sellers.

·  Why would sellers choose subject to?

·  How do investors make money?

·  Land trusts and subject to

·  What about Shared-Equity Trusts (PACTrust)?

·  The paperwork

·  What paperwork you should ALWAYS have with you

·  Properly filling out the paperwork

·  Explanation of each document

·  Presenting the paperwork to the seller

·  Effectively answering seller questions

·  Using someone else fill out the paperwork

·  Closing the deal

·  Overcoming seller objections

·  The seller signed! Now what?

·  Marketing the property.

·  Talking to buyers.

·  3 exit strategies with every deal

·  What if the buyer defaults?

·  New Lease-Option Law

·  Wraps

You will receive a guidebook - for this class and future reference. 


Don't miss out on this great opportunity to know all you can about
this method of earning great money through acquiring properties "subject-to".


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