Consultative Selling

Consultative SellingThe world of selling is under siege. Transactional sales are moving to extranets; companies are dramatically reducing the number of suppliers and moving toward strategic partnerships providing higher value-add; buyers are better educated using powerful on-line search tools; product quality is dramatically improved with shortened life cycles, making true product differentiation harder to accomplish. What’s a sales rep to do?

The only possible answer to these challenges can only come from changing selling behaviour from pitching to consulting. Prospects are demanding that sales reps who get their business exhibit a sincere interest in understanding their specific situation and environment, actively listen and respond, provide value unrelated to the immediate sales opportunity. In short, more attuned to a consultative advisor, with motivation driven by successfully solving their client’s issues.

How? To change the rep’s approach and behaviour, the highly interactive workshop will;

1. Provide practice in sharpening listening skills

  2. Clarify the value of the organization into a useable sales tool

3. Provide an administrative simple sales tracking framework that supports better decision making

4. Build a personalized tools to prioritize opportunities

5. Construct a planning framework that ensures sales success for both account management and prospecting activities

As always, Strategico workshop fees are fully refunded if
for any reason you are not satisfied with the workshop.

Discounts are available for multiple attendees. Call Karen Cooksley at 403-286-0038 for more details, or register using the Order Now button above.

Name Sales End Price
One Day Workshop Ended $995

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