FREE Informational Call: Compelling Storytelling in Las Vegas, Feb. 5-7, 2008

How many conversations have you had that fall dead right after someone asks you what you do for a living?

What if you were to respond to that same question with a synopsis of your story? One that told how got here, where you came from, what you overcame to get here, what parts of your personality really shine in your business and how you9re changing the world?

Much more interesting, don9t you think? And, something you can now repeat as a story to others.

If you9re considering joining Barbara Winter and me Feb. 5-7 in Las Vegas for Compelling Story Telling: A Fresh Approach to Marketing, and want a few more details, please join us on this FREE informational call and get all the details!

On the conference call, we will discuss all you need to know about Compelling Story Telling: A Fresh Approach to Marketing and you will:

  • Find out why leading marketing experts, such as Seth Godin and Mark Hughes know that storytelling is the best way to stand out.
  • Discover why Las Vegas is the perfect place to see great storytelling in action.
  • Hear a few examples of other entrepreneurs whose stories have catapulted them into the spotlight.
  • Get inspired to write and tell your story while in and among the company of the country9s most fascinating entrepreneurs!

The call will also include hot tips for entrepreneurs on how to get to Vegas and where to stay, plus what to expect during the three day event.

After you RSVP for the call, you will be emailed detailed call information. 

Free gift when you register within 24 hours after the informational call. 

And, after the informational call, when you register for Compelling Story Telling within 24 hours of the call start time, you9ll automatically receive one free enrollment* in one of Barbara Winter9s teleclasses happening after the Las Vegas seminar (*good through June 2008).

We look forward to talking with you this Wednesday! 

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