Stone QD2009

The 3rd China Qingdao International Stone Products & Machinery Exhibition

July 16-18, 2009   Qingdao International Convention Center


Stone QD2009 (The 3rd China Qingdao International Stone Products & Machinery Exhibition) will be held during July 16-18, 2009 at Qingdao International Convention Center, China.


Under the organization of Shandong Stone Industry Association and Qingdao Haichen International Expo. Co., Ltd., the exhibition space is expecting to be 25, 000sqm, with 800 standard booths and about 30, 000 professional visitors.


Stone QD exhibition is held once a year, it is a gateway for international stone enterprises to enter into the extensive market in northern China.


In 2009, you will find the highlights of it as follows,

1. Great change in Date selection.

Stone QD has been held for two years when the dates all fixed in December. According to the exhibiting companies, December is too cold in northern China, which is inconvenient for companies in northern and southern cities to take part in. For international visitors, December is Christmas month, people are busy with the preparation of the festival. Taking the advices of both exhibitors and visitors, we finally fix the dates on July 16-18 since 2009.

July is the golden month of Qingdao, not because it is the best time for tourism, but in July, all contractors, real estate developers, decoration companies etc. which are related to building projects will start their purchasing plan. Stone QD2009 is no doubt a good platform for them to meet their ideal companies.

2. Extensive market in northern China.

According to statistics, Chinese government is planning to invest RMB10,000 Billion to the construction of northern China in two years. The investment will certainly accelerate the development of real estate, construction industry, building material industry etc. All the companies for under-constructing projects are invited to the fair to accomplish their purchasing plan.

3. The attractive activity during Stone QD2009.

One of the highlights of Stone QD2009 is the activity “Invite Public Bidding Meeting” on site of the fair. At that moment, big construction projects will be published and the bid will be made. For those contractors, construction enterprises etc. who want to enter into market in northern China, it is certainly a good business opportunity. 


Stone QD2008 Review

Stone QD2008 which was held during Dec. 12-14, 2008 at Qingdao International Convention Center closed successfully.

There were hundreds of exhibitors from China and foreign countries such as Turkey, Korea attending. During the exhibition, more than 20, 000 professional buyers from China and other countries attended such as Australia, America, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium, Span, UK, Russia, Korea, Japan, India, Iran, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan altogether 22 countries and regions.

According to the statistics of on site registered people, for visitors from international countries, there are 67% professional visitors from Asia, 26% from Europe, and others from America and Oceania.

A large amount of onsite orders were made in Stone QD2008, according to feedbacks from exhibitors, more than 90% exhibitors show their satisfaction to the fair, and would like to attend Stone QD2009 again.


Scopes of Exhibits

Raw materials: marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, quartz, gritstone and slate.
Slabs: natural slab, marble slab, granite slab, slabstone, sandstone slab, composite slab, environmental slab, artificial stone slab (terrazzo, microlite, cryst-pannel, solid surface, cultural stone);

Artificial stone: artificial slab, artificial cultural stone, artificial composite slab.
Stone carvings: stone carving (figure, animal, figure of Buddha, embossment), stone inscription products (stele, windows, doors, furniture and stone decoration products), graves and memorials, landscaping, man-made sandstone, rockery stone etc;
Decorative products: pebble, blind stone, archaized stone, cultural stone, landscape stone, mushroom stone etc.
Relative machinery and equipment:  diamond wire saw, circular saw, handsaw, ultra-thin sawing equipment, abrasive polishing equipment, water-jet cutting machine, cutting tool, thicknessing machine, polishing machine, transmission system, diamond tool, edge polishing machine, carving machine, sand-spared grinding tool, flame cutting machine, mining equipment, drilling and fracturing equipment, air compressor, rock drilling machine, loader, slow-motion hoist etc.

Maintenance and accessories: stone maintenance equipment and product, product of cleaning, conservation and renovation, stone decorative product, adhesive, abrasive, polishing agent etc.


Professional Visitors

1.        Project manager, party A of engineering, real estate, construction units, engineering contractors, decoration enterprises, material procurement units, building materials dealers, distributors, hotel managers, public property management unit

2.      Construction Engineering surveying, designing, supervision and advisory unit, architects and research institutions.

3.      Government agencies: Planning departments, construction sector, building materials sector, township level and above relevant government staff.

4.      The professional purchasing groups and exhibitor groups in construction material industry and other relevant industries.


About Fee:

1.     Standard Booth (3m*3m)

Domestic enterprises: RMB6, 800.00/standard booth;

Overseas enterprises: US$1, 800.00/standard booth

Notes:   (1)15% surcharge should be a necessity for a double-opening booth.

(2)A standard Booth is equipped with 3-side facing panels , two chairs, one information counter, one 5A socket and one fascia (made by the exposition), and is able to enjoy the service of clearness and safety.


2. Price for Raw Space (Min 36sqm)

Domestic enterprises: RMB 700.00/sqm;

Overseas enterprises: US$180.00/sqm 

Notes:   (1) None booth-fitting is equipped with raw space, but exhibiter can design by himself.

(2) Management fee for special decoration is RMB15.00/sqm.


3. Price for Catalogue Ads. The size for catalogue: 210mm * 285mm (net)


Front Cover

Back Cover

Inside Front


Inside Back


Prominent Page

Normal colorful


Price (RMB)

10, 000.00

8, 000.00

5, 000.00

5, 000.00

2, 600.00

2, 000.00


4.  On site Ads

1.        Air Balloon: RMB4, 000.00/unit/period ; Archway: RMB5, 000.00/unit/period

2.      Outdoor Advertising Billboard: RMB15, 000.00/unit/period

3.      Ads on the back side of ticket (size: 210*93mm): RMB5, 000.00/10, 000pieces

4.      Hand Bag (size: 400×285mm): RMB30, 000.00/10, 000units

5.      Exhibitors Badge: RMB30, 000.00/all


Application & Payment

1.  Please fill in the “Booth Application Form” with your signature, and then send it back by fax +86-532-83841887;

To confirm your booked booth, please make your total booth payment or 50% deposit within five days to committee.

2.     Bank account information is as follows:

Beneficiary’s Name: Qingdao Haichen International Expo. Co., Ltd.

Account No.:4671200001819100092225

Bank Name: Hua Xia Bank Qingdao Branch

A copy of bank advice is required.

3.     To transfer the booth by exhibitors themselves or to exhibit those products irrelevant with the exhibition is highly prohibited at the exhibition, otherwise, those exhibitors are not allowed to exhibit at the show;

4.     Exhibitors manual will be sent out to you one month before the opening of exhibition.

5.     To guarantee the overall effect of the exhibition, the organizer has the final rights to adjust the booth.


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