Why Your Startup WILL FAIL - The Free Webinar That Will Prevent You From Making the 5 Biggest Startup Mistakes

Running a Startup? Guess What - Your Startup WILL FAIL.

That's right, you're all set to change the world and make a zillion dollars - but then you'll realize that you're headed down the wrong direction and you're about to fall down, big time.


Well, unless you do a few things right - like make your own luck, find the right business, find the right partners, make the right decisions.

That's what this FREE Webinar is all about.  Helping you not fail - by learning from those who, well, have.

Dave Van de Walle from Area 224 - veteran webinar guy, business coach, strategic communicator, JV partner, business launcher, and erstwhile startup failure, will give you the diagnostic of his first startup (U Sphere) and what went wrong.

Yes, that's right - our first startup went belly-up.  Why? Was it money, was it time, was it team, was it technology?

Some of that, and some other things too -- and we'll tell you all about the 5 BIGGEST STARTUP MISTAKES.

Join us for this webinar and we'll tell you everything - and help you learn from our past mistakes so that your next startup doesn't do what our first one did.


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