What Every Geek Needs To Start A Company

Have you started thinking about launching your own company? 


Want to be in charge your day?


Maybe you've already started by moonlighting, getting a loan or you were laid off and your options are running out.



What Every Geek Needs To Start A Company

Learn the essential ingredients to launch yourself into entrepreneur geek success!


Just Announced!


Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome and the Gnomedex conference will be joining in to co-host to share his insights.


This webinar will cover:

  • What it takes to become self employed
  • Setting goals and how to to stay on task
  • Recruiting mentors
  • Creating a company brand that sets you apart from the crowd
  • Identify your customer base or niche
  • Do you need a logo?
  • What's a good business name?
  • Developing your business network
  • Your 30 second pitch
  • Finding clients
  • Networking for Geeks
  • Time tracking
  • Invoicing clients
  • Why contracts are essential
  • PR and exposure to build your credibility



Specific Challenges When You're a Geek Starting a Company

  • Feeling uncomfortable in groups
  • Difficulting promoting yourself
  • Matching socks
  • When "not" to talk about geek stuff
  • Finding unlikely allies


You'll Leave With

  • New communication skills to help you close with new leads
  • Dozens of tips, tricks and exercises to use when starting your business
  • Better understanding of common pitfalls new entrepreneurs encounter
  • A list of essential business people you need to start your business
  • Outline of milestone items you can use to setup your goals
  • A sense of relief you don't have to start from scratch
  • Resources online you can turn to for encouragement and guidance

Adria Richards has been in the IT industry for 10 years and launched her own consulting company in 2006.  She is an active supporter of open source and promotes developers and their tools on social networks.  Adria has appeared on the news and various media outlets due to her citizen journalism on her tech blog at http://butyoureagirl.com.  She was hired on in 1999 at Geeksquad by Robert Stephens and has amassed experience in landing the jobs and clients she wants through interviewing, resume preperation, promotion of her skills and getting to know folks.  Adria holds her Microsoft MCSA, MCDST and A+ certifications.


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