Stampin' BUNKO! - Saturday, February 16th @ 6:43pm

It9s Birthday BUNKO time!  Come celebrate my birthday by rolling the dice & winning some free stamps!!  We9ll be playing for over $175 in stamps and accessories of your choice!

Last year we played for over $300 in prizes.  The more we have, the more you can win!  Bring your spouse &/or a friend to increase your chances!

 ABSOLUTELY NO GIFTS PLEASE.  It means enough to me that you9re here.

  Normally I absorb the collection fees of the events.  Because the prize money is based on the amount charged, the collection fee is added to the ticket on Bunko.  You can always choose to pay by check & mail it to me if you prefer to avoid the fee.

Name Sales End Price Fee
Birthday Bunko Night Ended $15 $0.99
Birthday Bunko Pay Direct to Ann by 2/11 Ended $15 $