Sales Skills Boot Camp

Sales Skills Boot Camp Coming to Phoenix

Don't Let the Economy Dictate Your Closing Ratios


How do sales professionals survive and thrive in today’s economic climate?  On June 11-12, 2009 our five sales instructors will show participants exactly how by literally “Going Back to Basics.”


The overall purposes of a Military Boot Camp is to distance the recruit from thoughts, language and habits that could be detrimental in stressful or combat situations, come to terms with their choice of career, learn to adapt and overcome and become proficient in their skills.  This is exactly what Sales Skills Boot Camp is designed to do.


Participants in this two-day event will re-learn their sales language, routines and habits and become proficient with the sales process.  Sales Recruits, even top sales professionals, will go back to basics and then beyond to learn and re-learn to 1) Build Stronger Relationships;  2) Leadership; 3) Questioning Skills; 4) Building Commitment; 5) Planning; 6) Overcoming Objections; 7) Organization Skills; 8) Presentation Skills; 9) Networking and Prospecting; 10) Emotional Intelligence; 11) Telephone Skills; 12) Needs Discovery; 13) In-Person Skills and 14) Customer Delight.


With a combined 85years of leadership and sales training experience to guide them, trainers Joe Price, Michael Miller, Gail Leith, Connie Kadansky and Matthew Klonowski will put their sales recruits through the riggers of Boot Camp’s three phases: Breakdown, Proficiency and Polishing, ending with the Crucible and Graduation.

Name Sales End Price
Regular Enrollment Ended $1000
Two or more Ended $900
Five or more Ended $800
Members Ended $500
Elite Member Ended $250