Spring Exchange 2009

SpringSource and Skillsmatter are proud to present the Spring Exchange in London. The seminar will be held at the historical Old Sessions House on the 29th of January and will start at 09.30 AM. During this complete Spring Day attendees will learn all about the Spring Portfolio from the Spring expert in each area. Sessions include:

  • Rod Johnson will provide the keynote on the Spring Portfolio.
  • Adrian Colyer, SpringSource CTO and Project Lead Rob Harrop will provide an introduction to dm Server.
  • Spring Batch expert, Dave Syer will teach about scaling batch applications in the enterprise.
  • Alef Arendsen will explain all about the new features in the Spring Framework 3.0
  • Adrian Colyer and Rob Harrop, will provide insights into Tomcat in Enterprise.

The session will end with a Q&A session were attendees have the ability to ask in-depth questions to the Spring experts.


Rod Johnson: Keynote on the Spring Portfolio
Rod JohnsonRod Johnson, founder of Spring, on the Spring Portfolio:

"For years, we've created great technology. Today we're creating more than ever. We're proud that we've helped to drive the transformation of enterprise Java from the misery of EJB 1.x and 2.x to agile development with POJOs. We've delivered billions of dollars of value to enterprise customers and we'll deliver much more in the future.

We're excited about continuing the story and delivering more, better infrastructure. The enterprise Java community needs a company focused on delivering best of breed solutions. We redefined enterprise Java once with Spring and it's another new season for enterprise Java with the SpringSource Application Platform. Please challenge us as we challenge the status quo."


Adrian Colyer and Rob Harrop: An introduction to SpringSource dm Server
Adrian ColyerRob HarropAdrian Colyer, SpringSource CTO, about dm Server:

"Vendors such as SpringSource, Paremus, and ProSyst go one crucial step further. Building a server platform on OSGi can only get you so far. What if you actually want to take advantage of OSGi for building your own applications? For this you need an OSGi technology-based programming and deployment model. This is where the true frontier for next generation server platforms is - not in making things easier for the server vendor to build their platform, but in making things easier for the application developer to build and deploy their applications onto that platform.

The SpringSource dm Server supports traditional war files, OSGi bundles, and applications consisting of several bundles (modules) working together, with a gradual migration path from a war file allowing you to incrementally take advantage of OSGi."


David Syer: Scaling batch applications in the Enterprise
David SyerDavid Syer, Spring Batch expert, about his session:

"Batch and offline processing is a fact of life for many of us, and by its nature it often comes with deadlines and windows for processing. Sometimes the only way to make that deadline is to take a large job and throw more hardware at it. Unfortunately things aren't always that easy, and this presentation aims to show the design and architecture constraints that are imposed by scalability requirements, and some patterns for implementing scalable batch applications using Spring Batch. Off course not all jobs need to scale, and of those that do, some need to scale in different ways than others.

The presentation also discusses those aspects of designing a batch application or batch system, so that developers and programme managers can be confident with their commitments to deadlines, and have some tools for capacity planning if things start to change."


Alef Arendsen: What's new in Spring Framework 3.0
Alef ArendsenAlef Arendsen, co-founder of Spring, about the aim of this session:

"With the Spring Framework 3.0 release, we are introducing further annotation-based configuration options, unified expression language support and comprehensive REST support. This talk discusses Spring as a modern Java 5 oriented application framework: covering the core component model, annotation-driven web MVC as well as platform integration.""


Adrian Colyer and Rob Harrop: Tomcat in Enterprise
Adrian ColyerRob HarropRob Harrop, Project Lead, about the session:

"During this session attendees learn how to optimize their Tomcat Servlet/JSP container and how to tune Tomcat for maximum performance. Attendees also learn how Tomcat handles concurrent requests, live application (re)deployment and logging. Attendees also learn how to optimally run Apache Tomcat in production, all about tuning for a particular traffic/network and the possibilities for people looking for a high-performance, lightweight application server."


Attend this seminar

Registration for the event is possible now for £ 95.00. Make sure to register as soon as possible since there are only 44 spots left.



Old Sessions House

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