Sales Boot Camp


Business & Selling are   

an Emotional Contact Sport


What holds most salespeople in check, what prevents them from picking up the phone, what causes them to procrastinate, what accounts for endless hours of mental anguish and what discourages them the most is...The Nemesis, the Achilles Heel, the Pariah of all salespeople…the dreaded OBJECTION.


There isn’t a major league baseball player who doesn’t hit a couple of hundred pitches a day even though they play 150 games a year. Yet every day salespeople go out into sales situations, something that is going to bring out all their psychosis and all the psychosis of their prospects,  AND their approach is to just WING IT!!


People who win know why they WIN so much. Not because they are smarter but because they practice! Well now you too can practice too!



A four-week program with weekly, 90 minute drill and practice session where you’ll work on building the emotional stamina to never be intimidated again!


We’ll work on Handling Objections, Elevator Pitches, Curve Balls and all the other things that stop you. Here is just some of what we will be covering:


· What type of sales person are you? What your strengths?

· Learn how to introduce yourself so others are compelled to want to know more

· How to maintain emotional control and stay ahead of every objection

· The first objection is almost never the real issue, how to get to the real truth

·  Dealing with withheld information or misunderstandings


For more Information, Contact: Karan Dhillon (925)9979323





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