Southern Mirage 2008: Moria Chappell Weekend Intensive Bellydance Bootcamp


Learn the drills and exercises for intense muscular isolation, 4 different shaped shimmies, and conditioning to develop your glutes for crisp hip work. Hip, head, belly, chest and shoulder isolations will be drilled as well as fluid transition from move to move and traveling with isolation. Fundamental spinning technique will also be covered such as spot turns, paddle turns and cross-step turns. Combos, posture, fluid arms and creative poses will be highlighted as each day’s workshop culminates in a tribal fusion choreography.

Learn the tribal techniques of stretching, toning, and drilling to gain muscular technique that places the dancer in control of their body as well as variations on classic tribal combinations.

All levels welcome.

Day 1: Lower Body Emphasis--sharp and staccato articulation emphasizing movement and rhythm. We will drill twists, locks, drops, squares, ummies and shimmies working to develop the muscles in the lower abs and pelvic area to create crisp, strong hip articulation. Movement across the floor and around the room and drills to increase flexibility and range of motion in the hip while maintaining strong posture and arms. We will learn unique new-tribal combinations that will piece together for a brief choreography followed by a small costuming cafe workshop.

Day 1:

  • hour 1-conditioning
  • hour 2-combinations and movement
  • hour 3-choreography
  • hour 4-costuming secrets for the stage.

Day 2: Upper Body Emphasis--round and smooth articulation emphasizing shapes and fluidity. Day 2 will focus on upper body extension and articulation. Drills to sharpen and intensify chest ticks and locks while maintaining perfect arm and shoulder placement. Arms, undulations and laybacks will also be drilled as well as creating unusual shapes with the body. Exquisitely slow and intense combinations culminate in a serpentine slow choreography. Some level changes and floor work will be incorporated.

Day 2:

  • hour 1-conditioning
  • hour 2-slow combinations and shape building
  • hour 3-choreography
  • hour 4-stage make-up theory and practice.

What to expect--as always the conditioning portion of class is meant to be an intense muscle building and strengthening section using yoga, squats, sit-ups and push-ups to develop the body to advance the dancer's capacity for lift and articulation. Drills are the repetitive practice of a movement emphasizing posture and isolation to bring the commands and combinations into the body for muscle memory and refined strengthening. Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, wear comfortable stretchy pants and top, and knee pads if needed. For the costuming portion of day one workshop, please feel free to bring whatever projects you are working on that you either want to show or that you may be stuck with and need some input. A pen and paper are recommended for taking notes and jotting down inspiration. For the make-up portion of day 2, again please feel comfortable bringing any products that you absolutely love or conversely don't know what to do with. We will have some time to answer individual questions about coloring and personal face and body structure after each lecture. Pen and paper are again highly advised, as there will be a lot of information covered in a brief amount of time.



See below for a performance by the talented Moria:

and scroll a bit further down for a preview of what you'll enjoy at this workshop:


Name Price Fee
Entire weekend early bird price (Sat and Sunday workshops and Saturday show ticket) $110 $2.75
Saturday day early bird price $65 $1.62
Sunday day early bird price $65 $1.62
Entire weekend (Saturday and Sunday workshops) Show Tickets not included. $140 $3.5
Saturday price (1 to 5pm) $75 $1.88
Sunday price (1 to 5 pm) $75 $1.88

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