WAKE UP! What is your Purpose? "Tele-Intro"

CALL IN INFO:  808-206-9730  - PIN:  704358# (WED. 6:00-7:00PM MST)

Who are you?

What do you stand for?

What is the Meaning "of" your Life?

What is the Meaning "In" your life?

What would it take for you to declare, "I am the person who loves my life?"

All of these questions and more will be discussed and uncovered by attending one of our 60 minute Tele - Intro experiences.

During this FREE 1 hour training you can expect to to unlock the road map to purpose & prosperity  in your life and how to discover your Divine calling...SOUL PURPOSE by living in harmony with the FOUR P'S TO PROSPERITY....

CALL IN INFO:  808-206-9730  -  PIN:  704358# (WED. 6:00-7:00PM MST)

Principle 1: Perspective Determines Action

1.  Who you are?

2.  What you were created for?

3.  What is the Meaning "IN" your life?

4.  How your Beliefs create your view of the world?

5.  How to unlock the power of Abundance in all areas of your experience?

Principle 2: Purpose Determines Direction

1.  What is the Chaos of Abundance?

2.  What is Soul Purpose?

3.  Why you should uncover your Soul Purpose?

4.  How you uncover your Soul Purpose?

5.  How to link your Passions, Gifts, values & Roles with Purpose?

Principle 3:  Plan Determines Details

1.  What are the blocks you face to living Soul Purpose?

2.  How you can overcome those blocks?

3.  How to identify blocks in other peoples lives?

4.  Why Service, Solutions, Healing and value

5.  What the distinction is between Production vs. Consumption?

Principle 4:  Production Determines Destiny

1.  What are the Principles of Production?

2.  What is a Soul Purpose Platfom?

3.  How do I build my Soul Purpose Platform?

4.  How can i make money with my Soul Purpose?

5.  How do I get started?

CALL IN INFO:  808-206-9730  - PIN: 704358#  (WED. 6:00-7:00PM MST)

We look forward to having you at one of our upcoming tele-conferences!  Until that time...GOD BLESS!



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The Soul Purpose Team

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