SophaTalk - Real Talk, Real Women!

The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel, Oprah, The Tyra Banks Show… cultural phenomenons cementing their presence in adult psyches world-wide.  Talk Shows that entertain, stir thought, create discussion but, tend to play it safe when it comes to being on the edge. 
SOPHATALK is a 60 minute talk show that is Always engaging and Always honest. Each week, SOPHATALK will be creating dynamic discussions that invoke thought and action.  “Real Women, Real Talk” scenarios will bring a visual realistic approach to the topic of conversation.  The host, along with a guest, will share their life experience and invite dialogue via a “roundtable” forum.
No subject will be off limits or censored.  Imagine: End of a long day, kids are asleep, too tired to watch ordinary programming and not interested in what’s going on in the entertainment world via the late night talk shows--just the desire to unwind with “real” people. Your answer, your ideal program is SOPHATALK!  The target audience are women, aged 25-55--divorced, married and single.  Needless to say, the men will tune in just to be flies on the wall for a “girls night” conversation.  


Furthermore, we’re prepared to develop, produce, market and distribute ancillary projects from the "buzz” the show will create.