Social Media Sales Impact

Social Media Sales Impact

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Are you worried that you’re wasting time on social media? Do you feel like you’re missing out on all the excitement? Do you want to put social media to work for you?

Make an Impact!

In this unique half-day workshop you will learn from established experts how to:

  • Refine your content for greater impact
  • Ramp up your personal presence
  • Use the tools for relevant social media conversations
  • Bring it all together to convert online relationships into top-line results!

Content - David Cohen

David, a brand strategist and personal branding & social media expert, was recently featured in the Atlanta Business Chronicle. David will teach you the three Rs of branding and the principles of “being a beacon” – how to be memorable
and effective with high-impact content

David Cohen

Conversation - Nadia Bilchik

Nadia is a Communications & Media Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and On-Air Personality for CNN. Communicating and networking with GREATER IMPACT is critical for success. Nadia will sharpen your non-verbal presentation skills and teach you to elevate yourpersonal presence.

Nadia Bilchik

Connection - Troy Johnson
Troy asks, “Are you LinkedIn or locked out?” A speaker and web & social media project consultant, Troy will show you how to translate your message online and go beyond the basics to strategically use Social Networking tools to promote yourself and connect with prospects.

Troy Johnson

Conversion - Barb Giamanco

A well-known keynote speaker, author and accredited coach with over 25 years of business experience, Barb capped a corporate career at Microsoft where she led sales teams and coached executives. Barb will show you the social media techniques and tips used by serious professionals to convert prospects and increase sales.

Barb Giamanco

Special opportunity!

Join our experts for an informal luncheon after the workshop. Lunch fee is $25, visit for details and registration. Lunch is limited to 15 attendees.

Name Sales End Price
Social Media Sales Impact - Early Bird Attendee Ended $295
Social Media Sales Impact - Regular Admission Ended $395

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