Social Media & Marketing - 2010 and Beyond- Area 224 Executive Workshop for Middle East - Dubai - 14 October 2009

Marketers throughout the world are asking how to start making Marketing and Social Media (Social Networking) fit together.  Area 224, in conjunction with "Creative Genius" Gary Unger, answers the question for Middle East Executives in our Executive Workshop "Social Media & Marketing - 2010 and Beyond."

Why should you learn from these two?

Gary Unger is the Author of "How to Be A Creative Genius in 5 Minutes or Less" and his Marketing experience includes:

  • Featured as a Social Media Strategist in four books, countless magazines, newspapers and blog postings
  • The first author on LinkedIn to successfully sell out of books on Amazon and in majore bookstore chains
  • The producer of a major market television show (highlights of which can be seen at

Dave Van de Walle was part of the social networking sphere from the very beginning, as CEO and Founder of U Sphere, a higher education social network and marketing consultancy in 2005.  From there, he's added to his expertise by:

  • Launching strategic communications consultancy Area 224
  • Creation of two successful web businesses: Social Media Realty Pro and Total Coach Marketing
  • Co-authoring "Social Media Realty Pro - The Next Level: Taking the Social Media You to New Heights of Real Estate Success" and authoring "The Twitter Guide for Real Estate Professionals"
  • And speaking at dozens of conferences and seminars, including this video seminar for Indian High School Students.

After attending this interactive one-day seminar, participants will:

  • Learn about the Top Three Social Networks - the "Big Three of Social Media" and how they can make the marketing job easier
  • Solidify their company's Social Media Strategy and fit it into the context of business results, Advertising, PR and Internal Communications
  • Understand the metrics that make sense - from CPA to CPE to CPM - with a snapshot of the analytics tools available to the marketing suite
  • Find out about the FREE tools that can make marketing look like Social Media Wizards - and how to use them to make their business leaders stand up and take notice
  • Incorporate video - inexpensively and using existing resources - to help the Sales team Sell More
  • Take a Facebook Marketing Strategy and a Twitter Marketing Strategy back to the office - and get ready to see immediate results!

Past Area 224 workshop attendees have learned how to use social media for business results -- and this one-day workshop will also

  • Translate the popular social media for Internal Communications, B2B Marketing, PR and Consumer media into the right context for the Middle East
  • And give you the IMPLEMENTATION tools you need to leave the workshop and immediately PUT IDEAS INTO ACTION!

As "Strategic Communications Advisors to Emerging Brands," Area 224 and CEO Dave Van de Walle are sought after throughout the world to help modern marketers get the tips, tricks and strategies to make more things happen for their businesses.  Coupled with Gary Unger, this 1-2 punch of social media training is a tremendous value.





Name Sales End Price
Social Media & Marketing - 2010 and Beyond - Area 224 Executive Workshop - DUBAI - 14 October   Ended $2500

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