The Social Media Boot Camp #12

Word of mouth is the #1 influence on buying decisions.

Businesses and consumers are using social media tools every day to share information and make recommendations about their product or service experience with your brand.

Whether it9s blogs, podcasts or Facebook...Flickr, Stumbleupon or Twitter, there is a new vocabulary being added to the business vernacular -- a new language that is not just for marketers. Every business executive needs to know how to actively participate in social media, whether it is to launch a blog like GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz or create a Twitter account to track conversations and trends.

The Social Media Boot Camp <a Mediameme workshop > is an intensive 3-hour session led by a social media coach and marketing expert with 20+ years9 experience. This practical course is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners and executives to join the conversation with key social media tools, including:

  • Aggregators & RSS Feeds
  • Blogging (e.g. Wordpress, Typepad, Blogger)
  • Microblogging (e.g. Twitter, Jaiku)
  • Vlogging or Video Blogging - producing/hosting/sharing
  • Podcasting -- subscribing/producing/distributing
  • Photo Sharing (e.g. Flickr, Photobucket)
  • Social Bookmarks (e.g. Delicious, Magnolia)
  • Social Networks (e.g.Facebook, MySpace)
  • Pliggs (e.g. Digg, Stumbleupon)
  • Consumer & Influencer Research (e.g. Technorati, Buzzmetrics)
  • Tagging
  • Wikis & Wikipedia

At the end of the intensive workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Add to their own social media channel that they will have created in the workshop: blog, podcast, photo, video or wiki.
  2. Understand the basics of social media tools, which ones are best utilized for business to generate additional revenue and/or improve productivity.
  3. Identify key influencers for their business and understand how to listen and effectively join the conversation


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  • Social media is a highlyinfluential marketing channel. Businesses and individuals who learn howto effectively embrace this new media will reap first-mover benefits.
  • Learn what works and what doesn9t from an experienced marketer, business leader and social media coach.
  • Connect with other local entrepreneurs and executives who share an interest in emerging media and growing their businesses.


The Social Media Boot Camp is the starter course from Mediameme, designed for the Entrepreneur or Executive who wants to quickly learn all they need to know about social media in one evening.


Mediameme also delivers customized social media workshops for companies, their leadership teams and employees.Contact Leah McChesney, Sales Director, for more information: or +1.734.645.7370.

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