The Flackenhacks 2008: A Soho Social With Some Of Our Best Friends

Where were we? Ah yes, The Flackenhacks. Wasn't last year's event a corker, eh?

Would you like to do it again in October 2008?

Of course you would.

To get the show on the road, we're having a social on the evening of Wednesday 9 July at the Dog & Duck, Frith Street, Soho.

Fullrun (a.k.a. Peter Kirwan) and TWL (are they still anonymous?) will be there. Come along and let us know what you fancy seeing at The Flackenhacks.

We might not be able to buy beers for you all night, but we do have a few ideas ourselves.

For example, there's our charitable campaign to reduce the amount of suffering inflicted by awards ceremonies on vulnerable members of society including public relations consultants.

As part of the Flackenhacks' Three Sigma Kaizen Awards Programme™, we're aiming for 15 minutes flat this year. On this basis, we'll have whittled the gong giving out of existence by 2013. Which is probably as it should be.

More generally, we're up for anything, apart from ice sculptures and heraldic trumpeters on the balcony.

We'll be welcoming all suggestions about outré venues, risky entertainment and awards categories you wouldn't want to win.

And account executives -- if you'd like to help out with organizing The Flackenhacks in return for a free ticket, then pitch up and let us know.

Alternatively, if you just feel like drinking something cool and milling around the pavements of Soho chatting with us on a summer's evening, then that's perfectly fine by us.

You never know: this could be the start of something big, sordid and vastly enjoyable.

If you fancy, pop your name down on this list, so we can all see who is coming along. . .


Looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday,

TWL & Fullrun
The Flackenhacks Organising Team

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