From Sore to SOARTurning the Pain in Your StoryInto a Soaring Saga of Business Success


From Sore
to Soar

Turning the Pain in Your Story
Into a Soaring Saga of
Business Success

 with Margaret Gill
of Abundant Private Practices

  Its all about your story.............

Most people are petrified of speaking in public

In fact most would rather die than speak in public ............ but speaking is the fastest way to grow YOU and your if you are serious about your business you MUST learn how to at least tell your story.


What most don't realise is that it can become much easier when you know what your story is and how that story relates to your customers.


Once you understand your story, your story can shape your message.


Powerful messages create business success

Have you ever noticed the minute someone starts to tell a story, everyone in the room turns to listen.  By leveraging the theory of story telling, you can have this effect on your audiences too. 


Most every person on the planet has experienced some sort of pain and discomfort in their lifetime and this discomfort is often part of your story.


What most don’t know is that the messages in that discomfort is what makes you unique as a human being.


I have developed a gift for helping you to identify and act on the uniqueness that is you.


If you are serious about growing your practice and then going onto greater things, the one thing you have to be is unique. 


Through your story I will help you will find your uniqueness, craft your message and then show you how that could translate into your business.


This live event will help you in three ways

Firstly you will learn the power of story telling and how it applies to you

Secondly we will turn your story into a compelling opening that will win over anyone in an audience of your target market every time you speak

Thirdly you will gain new clarity confidence and courage in yourself, your message and who you are really destined to work with

On one level this is an event where I teach you what I know about speaking because speaking is THE fastest way to grow your practice and become known as an expert in your field.

If I hadn’t overcome my fear of speaking I would have sunk into oblivion years ago.


Anyone who has worked with me will tell you how much difference speaking made to their practice and their profitability. 

BUT each time I teach this material something magical happens...... 


As people begin to understand their story, they also begin to understand that their story is directly linked to their practice and their life.


I’ll be totally honest with you – I had no idea this would happen!


BUT when I started teaching people to speak, miracles started to occur right in front of my eyes. As people were given space and permission to communicate who they really are..............they suddenly stepped into a new place of power and SHAZAM!


If you have ever seen the human spirit soar when placed under the spotlight, you will understand why the magic occurs.

So if you want to learn how to:

•  Communicate with clarity and integrity

•  Overcome your fears of speaking

•  Learn the number one secret ingredient in speaking

•  Get clarity in your messages to strangers

•  Have the guts to have a go

•  Speak from the heart using authenticity in your favour

•  Manipulate the different energies of a stage

•  Conquer the seven secrets of speaking

•  Use story telling to enthral an audience

•  Tell your story and “fit” your story to your message

•  Own a room and love it!

........then this event is for you

But don’t just take my word for it

Here is some of the feedback from previous courses.

“I’ve found such clarity in my story, which I already knew, but now I can see how it can help others.  Such a deeply profound weekend which I’ve not experienced on any of the many other course I’ve attended.”
Daniela Grincevicius, Holistic Kinesiologist Melbourne VIC


“It was a unique experience shared with other practitioners that created magic and connectedness.  I have never experienced this before.  Truly wonderful.  Thank you Mz Margz”
Amanda Waaldyk, Dr of Chinese Medicine, Melbourne Vic


“A magic environment to share, grow in clarity and confidence and connect to self and others in expanding our passion filled business”
Grace Ambrook, Inspiring Insights, Anglesea Victoria


“Thank you for an extraordinary experience. It provided a safe environment to confront the entrenched blocks in my life and my business, to work through them and to gain a deep understanding that transformed my perceptions.”
Lia Scomazzon, Bilancia Therapies, Mornington VIC


"I have learnt more from you in three hours than I have from most people in my lifetime, not only about business and public speaking but also spirituality. You truly are so full of knowledge and so inspirational. You made me feel as though the world is at my feet and I can achieve anything! I would happily recommend you to anyone!”
Monica Reitano, Assistant Manager
The Soul of One Spiritual Centre, Mackay, Queensland


It was such a safe, caring and supportive environment you made, which enabled me to speak from my heart without fear of being judged.  Added to the skills and tips you gave us in a practical manner, the connection and clarity is priceless.  I will certainly use what I have learned at this event for the rest of my life.  I look forward to what my business can now become".
Robyn Stitt, Overwhelm Consultant
Strathalbyn, South Australia


"The weekend has been inspiring and has given me a lot of clarity.  I feel I can now express my truth."
Louise Amse, Melbourne VIC



What Can You Expect


The first day is theory day and the second day you put it all into action.


Most courses teach you what you need to know then leave you to implement what you have learnt in your own time. Sadly most of what you have learn will be lost within 2-3 days after the event finishes.


This course differs drastically in that we don’t leave until you’ve got it. 


You will implement what you have learnt over the weekend on the final day, which is also when you loose your fear. Fear is a wierd thing.  It disappears once you walk through it the first time.

First Day: 

•  Registration and Meet and Greet

•  Learn the 5 key things you need to understand BEFORE you speak

•  Understand the 7 secrets that can make you a better speaker

•  Get what you need to know to craft a great story

•  Learn how you can earn the right to be on any stage

Second Day:

•  The tables are turned.  Each participant takes the stage and I sit back and critique you.  You tell your story and we transform it into a powerful opening for any public speaking event you will be asked to do and then we will just let the magic flow. 

So you will leave having mastered your fear. Everything is done in front of a small, intimate and totally supportive group of no more than six people who are going through the same thing you are on the day.


That’s how the magic occurs - we set you free in an envirnoment where it's virtually impossible to fail.


There is no doubt each time I have taught in this format I have been left speechless at the end.


In fact I can guarantee to you that you will never have experiened anything like this to day unless you have been to this event before - you've read the feedback - none of us quite know what happens ......... but it happens!


There are only SIX seats available SO BOOK NOW!


Price: $650 per person full price


Book for the EARLY BIRD PRICE of $450

and SAVE $200

Dress: Casual & comfortable


67 Buna St
Maroochydore 4558


Start Times:

9.30am prompt to 5.30pm (ish) both days


Please note - this is Bootcamp style so we stay until everyone gets it so don't organise to leave at an exact time and keep you evenings free because you will have growth work to do each evening.


There are only SIX places available in this very intimate and tailored event so BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW!!


Register and pay in the ticketing section above


Refund Policy

Tickets are non-refundable--but can be transferred.
Please contact me at if you transfer your ticket.




Name Sales End Price
Early Bird Special - Maroochydore   Ended $450

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