Mind to Model to Manufacture

A product development seminar presented by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Leading experts in design, prototyping and short run production will speak in this 1 day event.  Learn how the best companies speed their products to the market.

Learn, practical creative solutions used by both and large companies in today9s ever changing development environment.

Companies Speaking at this event 

Product Design Presentations 

Trimble Navigation

Hansen Medical

Fusion Design 

Prototyping Presentations 

Prototypes Plus

Rapid Sheetmetal

General Foundry 

Short Run Production Presentations 

Haig Precision Manufacturing Corporation

Wright Engineered Plastics

SMP Tech, Inc.  


Design2Part Shows (http://www.d2pshows.com/About)


SigmaQuest (http://www.sigmaquest.com/)

SoloPoint Solutions (www.solopointsolutions.com)


Name Sales End Price
Non-Member Ended $85
Member Ended $60
Student Ended $45

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