SMB15: The Power & Peril of Online Communities

Boston's Social Media Breakfast is organized by Bob Collins and brings together social media experts, business leaders, marketers and entrepreneurs for a morning of networking, sharing of ideas and discovery.   

We'll be returning to the offices of Communispace Corporation in Watertown, MA as our gracious host  opens their "Fenway" meeting room once again for our next breakfast.


SMB 15: The Power & Peril of Online Communities

The rapid growth of online Communities, from the open networks of Facebook, Twitter & blogs to private and branded communities, there is great opportunity for engaging, learning and building a closer relationship with your customers and groups.  But one should not enter Community engagement programs will out a plan -  honest research of their interests, needs and a strong understanding of how much the online chatter is truly representative of your customer's voice.

SMB15 will feature presentations by some of the Countries most advanced thinkers in community engagement programs - bringing a fresh and wide variety of first hand experiences and case studies. 

The Presenters

  • Bryan Person, Social media evangelist at LiveWorld
  • Rachel Happe, Principal at The Community Roundtable
  • Diane Hessan, CEO of Communispace Corporation



Social Media Breakfast 15 is sponsored by LiveWorld, a social media marketing agency that works with leading brands to build, manage, and moderate online communities.


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