Photo Shoot Opportunity ( N Phx )

Photo Shoot Opportunity, $5.00

Karen Zeller is an SJN member and a photo buff who offered to photograph members.  For a $5 fee, Karen will create digital images the member can use for job search purposes--for example, to set up a LinkedIn profile or use on business cards, on a personal blog or website.  A professional photo is something that would enhance your branding, and we highly recommend it.

The arrangement Karen made with SJN is that she will collect $5 for this service and donate her time and 100% of the income to SJN.  For members, this is not a donation to SJN since a service is being received. Check with your tax advisors on how to account for this service as a job search expense.


For the $5 fee, participants will receive two images via an email sent within one week. All images will be deleted after emailed to the member. These photos will not be used for SJN promotional purposes.


Location/Date/Time:  The photo opportunity will be on Tues, Sept 15 at Temple Chai, 8:00-9:30 AM only. Opportunity is limited to 20 people—making a reservation in advance is important. This is a separate registration from Module 2: Your Marketing Plan.


Payment:  $5 Cash (no checks) payment is due at the time of service. 

Attire: Karen recommends professional attire—jacket and tie for gentlemen.  Ladies/gentlemen--avoid white and pastel tops and busy patterns.    

Volunteer needs:  Two volunteers to assist Karen would be very helpful and ensure the check-in, payment and photo processes moves smoothly.

Karen will be available at SJN West and Southwest locations in the next month, details to be announced separately.

Name Sales End Price
SJN Event Volunteer   Ended Free
Attendee Ended Free