Six Thinking Hat Certification

Learn to teach Six Thinking Hats to others by attending this official Six Thinking Hats Certification.Six Thinking Hats is a fast-paced, intense and interactive course. The measurable results include shorter meetings, thorough decisions, better communication and easier problem resolution. By mentally wearing and switching symbolic "hats," individuals or teams separate thinking into six categories for analyzing matters objectively and comprehensively.It's amazing to see the results that can be accomplished by a person or a team who knows how to separate emotion from facts, the positive from the negative and critical thinking from creative thinking.

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Train-the-Trainer Certification Ended $5000 $9.95

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Complete the official Six Thinking Hats Certification by attending a public certification or have one of our Six Thinking Hats Master Trainers deliver Six Thinking ...

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Six Thinking Hats is a thinking skills training course in parallel thinking that helps generate new ideas & make better decisions. Click to know more.

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This article explains six thinking hats, a decision making tool that helps you improve your decision making by looking at the decision from a range of different ...

Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats from Edward de Bono is a training course that drives innovative thinking, improves communication, and makes meetings more productive.

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Six Thinking Hats Certification is the most cost-effective way to ensure Six Thinking Hats is implemented throughout your organization.

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A one day Six Thinking Hats training course - learn how to use the six thinking hats to create, plan, organise and manage. This is the official Edward de Bono course

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Training in advanced thinking skills - the ultimate personal investment for the future.

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