How to Teach Sideways Thinking Concretely...Creativity 101_Memphis(All Grade Levels)


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  • Practical strategies with specific instructions on how to apply creativity to any objective
  • Techniques that generate new ideas using unrelated words, objects or pictures
  • Activities to "awaken" fluent, sideways thinking

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn strategies to plan instruction that is a disciplined approach to idea generation innovation, and concept development
  •  Learn how to build and use a creative "hit list"
  •  Discover techniques to generate new ideas using unrelated words, objects, or pictures
  •  Understand the importance of developing ideas and shaping them to fit an any situation
  •  Explore the nature of perception and how it limits our creativity approach
  •  Participate in hands on activities that can be used IMMEDIATELY in the classroom

Message from Cutting Edge Institute LLC

It is often assumed that intelligence goes hand in hand with thinking.  In fact, very intelligent people are in danger of becoming poor thinkers because they can fall into the intelligence trap. 

That is, experts become trapped in poor ideas   because they are so good at defending the first thoughts that come into their mind. Thinking is to intelligence what driving skills are to a car.  Even though you have a fabulous sports car, you may be a poor driver.  Similarly those with excellent minds may use them inadequately. Fortunately, innovative thinking is a skill that can be improved upon with simple, yet powerful techniques.

In this informative course, you will gain insights into the proven strategies to teach sideways thinking while you are having fun!

You’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover!

We personally invite you to take the time and make this investment in your career. Your students will than you for it! 

Hope to see there!

Cutting Edge Institute


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