I am a Shopaholic

Shopaholic Cocktail Party! 8pm-12pm

Your $35 ticket includes:

  • free photoshoot with Flash Velvet
  • free makeup application with Make Up Forever
  • free mini manicure from Buff Nails
  • PrettySweet cupcakes
  • Spring 09 Brazen Hussy Fashion Show
  • Giftbag

What are you waiting for! Tickets available on:

1) Buff Nail 117 Front St E

2) Brazen Hussy 803 Queen St W

3) HeyDoYou.com (PayPal)

4) http://shopshop.eventbrite.com (any credit card/PayPal)


I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet!

On February 12, none of these ladies will say, “I have nothing to wear!” and no one will be spilling drinks on my couture! Closets full of fabulous bags, super high heels, flirty skirts and enough clothes to outfit all your friends and then some! You read the book, you live the lifestyle, you pray to the visa God that your card doesn’t decline - admit it. I am a Shopaholic! In celebration of the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, a cocktail party is very much necessary! This party kicks off those who love retail therapy, statement jewellery, fashion every, beauty products, taking photos, Facebooking them, looking great, simply being amazing!

Get your girlfriends, plan your outfit, buy something new, and have the time of your life.
“If I don’t stop shopping, I’ll send up a bag lady; a Fendi bag lady, but a bag lady…” Carrie

With music from Toronto’s #1 female dj - dj Lissa Monét
“Profile pic worthy” photography, live photoshoot and photoshoot giveaways from Flash Velvet! True beauty junkies know about Make Up Forever, best party dresses from Brazen Hussy, décor by GetFlowered, shopaholic trivia, raffle prizes include sparkly jewellery from SugarLime, tea-martinis at DAVIDsTEA, sweet giftbaskets from Dolce Vita Magazine, goodies from Universal Music and lots lots more!

Too many clothes? Bring your clothing donation to our event for our charity drive for Interval House.

I am a Shopaholic will be held at the Fifth Social Club in the heart of Downtown Toronto on Feb 12, 2009 from 8pm onwards.

*Media passes available with accreditation

Name Price Fee
Cocktail Party $35 $0.99

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