Grab Your Girlfriends-- It9s SHOP-N-SPA, Holiday 2007!

Shop for Hip Clothing, Accessories, and Beauty Products!

Enjoy Holiday Fashion Previews by Your Favorite Retailers!

Enjoy a Relaxing Mini Massage and Free Glamour Makeover!

Tasty Treats and Fun with the Girls!

Tickets are just $35 each.

Upgrade to a Goody Bag Ticket for $45 each (Get the Latest and Greatest Products from Our Sponsors and Vendors)

Please read the following terms before making your purchase: 

Limitation of Liability.  ASP will not be liable for any failure to provide the Services that results from a cause beyond ASP’s reasonable control, including, without limitation, weather conditions, acts or omissions of the Client, or unavailability of materials. ASP will not be liable to Client for any indirect, consequential or punitive damages.  Furthermore, ASP’s total liability to Client, whether in contract or in tort, including with respect to any breach hereof or for any damages to persons or property, shall be limited to the amount of the Total Price paid or payable by Client for the Services, provided, however, that this limitation of liability will not apply to the gross negligence or willful misconduct of ASP.  Client releases ASP from all liability in excess of the Total Price.  The Client shall be held liable for any injury or damages to ASP, or property or employees of ASP, caused by Client, members of his organization, invitees, guests, employees, or any other party in attendance, whether invited or not.   ASP shall not be required to provide Services with respect to any guest that has not signed a Release.

Photographs.  Client hereby provides ASP with permission to photograph the Services being performed and the Engagement.  These photographs may be used in commercial applications, but will not identify the Client, the Client’s guests or the Client’s street address without the Client’s express written permission.  The Engagement may not be recorded, reproduced, or transmitted from the place of performance by Client or any other person, other than ASP, in any manor, or any means whatsoever, in the absence of a written agreement with ASP; provided, however that pictures and videotape of the Engagement are permitted for the private use of Client only. 

Indemnity.  Client agrees to defend, indemnify, assume liability for and hold ASP, and anyone representing ASP, harmless from any third party claims, damages, losses, and expenses by or to any person or property, regardless of the basis, which pertain directly or indirectly to the Services. 

Miscellaneous.   No modification or amendment of any term, provision or condition of this agreement shall be binding or enforceable unless executed in writing by both parties hereto.  Should any provision of this agreement be declared by a court with applicable jurisdiction to be invalid, void or unenforceable, all remaining parts, terms and provisions hereof shall remain in full force and effect and shall in no way be affected thereby.  This agreement shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Maryland, excluding provisions relating to conflicts of laws.  This agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties hereto and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous written or oral agreements, arrangements, negotiation and/or understandings between the parties hereto.  No waiver of any term, provision or conditions of this agreement shall be binding unless executed in writing by the party making the waiver.  In the event that a civil action arises in an effort to enforce any provision of this agreement, the losing party shall pay the attorney’s fee and court costs of the prevailing party.

 All guests must be 18 years of age or older.  

FOR $1 AND OTHER GOOD AND VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, THE AMOUNT AND SUFFICIENCY OF WHICH ARE HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGED, THE UNDERSIGNED GUEST HEREBY AGREES WITH ANNAPOLIS SPA PARTY AS FOLLOWS; I understand that allergic reactions to some FOOD or DRINK can occur despite proper sanitary precautions. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform Annapolis Spa Party of any known allergies.  I understand that some oils, creams, nail products or cosmetics may cause allergic reactions. I understand it is my responsibility to inform Annapolis Spa Party of any known allergies.  I understand that Annapolis Spa Party may refuse treatment to anyone with broken skin, skin rashes or lesions, observation of lewd or inappropriate behavior and/or intoxication.   I understand that it is my responsibility to inform Annapolis Spa Party if I am pregnant or if I have recently been diagnosed with any of the following: cardiac conditions, fever, wounds, bone injuries or blood clots or if I have any food allergies.  I  understand that pictures may be taken during today’s event for use in Annapolis Spa Party’s marketing materials including but not limited to: portfolio, brochure, print advertising and company web site. I understand that personal information collected during the registration process for this event may be shared with participating vendors and sponsors, including name, address, email address, and  phone number . I authorize the sharing of this information.  I authorize the use of my photos, but not my name, for this use.  I understand that some makeup, oils and creams may stain certain fabrics.  I will not hold Annapolis Spa Party personally or legally responsible for damage caused to any personal items including but not limited to: carpet, furniture, hardwood flooring, clothing, shoes.  I HEREBY RELEASE ANNAPOLIS SPA PARTY FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY ASSOCIATED WITH THE PROVISION OF PRODUCTS OR SERVICES TO ME OR WITH RESPECT TO MY PERSON AT THE EVENT.  


Name Sales End Price
General Admission Ended $35
Goody Bag Ticket (Includes Entry to the Event)   Ended $45

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