Shimmilicious 2 Workshops! Jamileh & Tirza

Wonderful Shimmilicious! Workshops
This year, our workshops featuring Jamileh and Tirza teaching bellydance fundamentals as well as performance techniques. The classes are designed for the dancer who likes to work hard to elevate her talent with high quality, excellent technique, and performance dynamics! All classes will be held at the Embassy Suites- BWI

No videotaping allowed, although you may bring a cassette recorder to help you take notes. Class size is limited to 30 students. Registration is on a first-come first-served basis.

Belly Dance with a Twist! with Jamileh
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Jazz/Belly Fusion Dance Combinations and techniques...spice up your performances with this fun and innovative style!   Her unique style blends classical dance with modern techniques that makes her dance remarkable, soulful and absolutely dynamic.

About Jamileh: Jamileh combines her training in jazz and Middle Eastern dance to create a powerful expression of this beautiful art form, captivating her audience and leaving them wanting more! Jamileh performs regularly at many special events and has been featured on “E” television at the Sun Dance film festival, Senior Olympic Games, and the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games. Jamileh competes regularly as a soloist and as a member of the Midnight Mirage Dance CompanyJamileh is co-owner of Midnight Mirage Inc. based in Salt Lake City, Utah, which encompasses the Midnight Mirage School of Dance, the Midnight Mirage Dance Company (professional performing group), as well as a vending and successful production company.
Belly Dancer of the Universe 2004
Entertainer of the Year 2002

Bellydance Combinations! with Tirza
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Performance Techniques on building great moves, traveling steps, and formulas for creating smooth and dramatic transitions between effects. A well-rounded and gifted dancer, Nathalie is known for her grace, fluidity and precision, her style is graceful, passionate, and mesmerizing. Let her captivate you with her infinite elegance as she brings you into her own world of dance. Bellydance Combos with Tirza! ..You will get a workout while having a great time dancing.  Focus on sculpting muscles, muscled memory, and get your heart rate going!

About Tirza: Synonymous with strength and beauty, Tirza has made a name for herself within the belly dance community. A Utah native, she has performed around the country captivating her audience as soon as she steps onto the stage. An active member of the award-winning Midnight Mirage Dance Company, Tirza has added several titles to her name, including Troupe of the Universe 2004-2005 and Double Crown Duet Champion with nationally-ranked performer, Jamileh. As a personal trainer and mother of two, she enjoys traveling around the country to perform and train with talented dancers who want to share this beautiful art form.
Runner up Rising Star Competition 2003

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