Shift Happens...Creating a Proactive Organization

Shift Happens … Creating a Proactive Organization, is specifically designed for organizations and schools serving people of all ages with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.  Presented by George Suess, CEO, The Arc of Delaware County, this seminar is unlike any you have ever attended. Packed with innovative solutions to the real world problems you and your team face every day, you'll want your key people present to maximize the benefits to your organization.


Inspired by the popular book Shift Happens … Making the Shift to Proactive Behavior Management this seminar is the first to blend the two sides of the cultural coin (its clinical approach with its human relations practices)  into a single proactive leadership model.


This seminar offers clinical and staffing solutions that have haunted organizations for decades.  Proactivity is a mind set that unites teams, boosts quality, promotes accountability and dramatically improves the bottom line. Bring an end to

morale sapping quandaries that have lingered for years and burn out everyone including, sadly, our most experienced managers. While loaded with sound theory, the abundance of  practical suggestions and useful tips are what will make this experience so unique and rewarding.


As a result of this seminar you will have more aha moments and a clearer vision of future excellence than you have ever previously experienced. Here are just a few:

· Learn the number one trick to developing a self-motivated work force

· Eliminate abuse

· Find out why answering the question “What do I do when Johnny is assaultive?” is a complete waste of time (and a disservice to Johnny)

· Discover two tips guaranteed to end work place gossip and hostility

· Obtain concrete tools for the people who do the job

· Unlock the secrets and the power of the caring chain

· Rediscover an old friend that’s become pitifully underutilized

· Transform your managers into coaches

· Discover a fundamental flaw undermining many person centered plans

· Learn how to eliminate performance evaluations while improving staff performance


In addition to improving the quality of your services and inspiring your workforce some of the many other benefits of this seminar include: increasing consumer and family satisfaction and staff retention, reducing worker's compensation and

insurance claims, decreasing the time and expense of disciplinary action, increasing job satisfaction (yours too), increasing teamwork, staff morale and loyalty.


Change that everyone embraces is rare. Bring your team to this seminar and see for yourself that Shift really can happen. For you, your team and the people you care about.


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Shift Happens (Member)   Ended $165
Shift Happens (Non-Member)   Ended $185