Shani Amavasya Puja At Shani Shingnapur...!


Dear Sir / Madam


On the 27th of December 2008, all roads will lead to the Great Place of Lord Shani Dev, Shani Shingnapur, as its the Mahaparva of Shani Bhakti. Nearly 600,000 people are expected to come for the Darshan of Shani Dev.


Bhakti Dhara, pleased to inform you that, we have arranged the services for the huge devotee base of lord Shani, where you can book a Puja of Shani Dev with us, and we will do the puja on your behalf, with your name and gotra, and dispatch the prasad and other very important articles blessed by lord shani to your place directly.


There are n number of Shani Devotees spread across the globe, and everybody cant travel from distant places to Shingnapur for this special Puja.  So just book the puja with us and get the blessings of Shani Dev at your Place...!To bridge the Gap between the deity and the devotee


Why Should one do this Puja...!


Its said and beleived that whenever Shani Dev comes in Singh Rashi (Leo), It creates problems for Individuals, Masses, Governments, Mass Leaders and icons..., Shani transits through Singh Rashi every thirty Years, and we can lern by the todays economic, Social, political crisis how tough the times are ahead. 30 years back in 1975, its the Emergency imposed by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, 30 years back to this, its the freedom fight around 1947.


Up till now, the condition for India is under controll as Jupiter is having a 9th aspect (Drishti) on Shani and controlling the damage, but after 9th of december, when Jupiter will move from Dhanu to Makar rashi, the situation will be worse for India in next 3 Months as there will be nobody to controll the ill effects of Shani Dev. There will be Job cuts, Political situation will be worse than ever and there will be liquidity crunch in the Market. This will continue till Sept 2009, and after this the conditions will improve rapidly...!


Here, individuals will be the worst hit, and this Puja will at least lessen the intensity and quantum of the damage...! Shani Dev is a reformer, and a Judge, Complete surrender with deep faith is the only way to please him. It is said that nobody can disown the lord and the best way is to “ get suffered and get free”. To minimise the impact of ill effects and sufferings, its highly advised to offer the tail abhisheka and Sankalpa Puja at Shani Shingnapur, which is the only Swayambhu Place of Shani Dev.


People coming under the following moon signs must do this puja as they are either in the Sadhe Sati, Panauti, Dhaiyya or there Rashi is Aspected by Shani’s 3rd, 7th and 10th Drishti...! If you dont understand these Rashi’s and the impact of Shani Placement in todays scenario, just analyse yourself and if you feel, there are problematic things happening in your life due to your mistake or any unknown reason, we will advise you to go for this puja, it wont harm anybody, but only gives good and positive results in the next 46 days...! Try this, you never know, the lord wants to help you...!


Rashi’s under Sadhe Saati


1.     Karka ( Cancer ) : These are in the Third or Last Phase of Sadhe Saati.


2.     Singha ( Leo ) : These are in the Second or Mid Phase of Sadhe Saati.


3.     Kanya ( Virgo ) : These are in the First or Initial Phase of Sadhe Saati.



Rashi’s under the 2 & ½ Years Panauti or Dhaiyya


1.     Rishabh (Taurus ) : 4th Shani Panauti


2.     Makar (Capricorn) : 8th Shani Panauti


Rashi’s having aspect of Shani from Singh Rashi


1.     Tula ( Libra ) : Third Drishti from Singha Raashi


2.     Kumbha ( Aquarius ) : Seventh Drishti from Singha Raashi


3.     Rishabh ( Taurus ) : Tenth Drishti from Singha Raashi



Puja Details:


Taila abhisheka of Til (Mustard) Oil


Sankalp Puja to remove Shani ill effects of your Janma, Karma, Janma Kundali, Rashi Kundali, Navamansh Kundali, Health, wealth, Piece and Prosperity...!


Puja Articles :


Til oil 1.25 kg





Black cloth

Black Til and Salt

Shani Yantra

Navagraha Yantra

Shani Chalisa / Mahatmya

Hanuman Chalisa

Eatable Prasad of Kurmura

A yellow Shani Thread

Dakshina to the Priest


After the puja offerings the following material will be sent to your address as Prasad and blessings of the Shani Dev.


Shani Yantra

Navagraha Yantra

Shani Chalisa / Mahatmya

Hanuman Chalisa

Eatable Prasad of Kurmura

A yellow Shani Thread


( Note: People living abroad, will not receive the copper shani yantra and navagraha yantra as metal detectors will not allow these through the securty check post...! )


Puja Charges: Rs. 1100/- only


Kindly see to it that the check/cash deposits you are making covers these basic puja charges. Whatever more you want to donate will serve the purpose of Annadanam, Jaldanam to the poor and the devotees...!


You can deposit the amount in our HDFC Bank A/C From anywhere in India by cheque/cash or transfer the money via direct internet transfer ( netbanking ).

Details of Account

Account Name: Mr. Dilip Raut

Account Number: 01631600002107

Branch : HDFC Bank, Rupam Centre, Sion(east), Mumbai 400022


If you feel like speaking to us, pls call us on the following Numbers...!

91 22 32677433

91  9322890481


Hurry..! Limited Puja permitted on the Day of Shani Amavasya...! Do write us at with your full name, age, gender, full address with pin code and gotra. If you dont know your gotra, pls mention that in the mail with the cash/check deposit details with day, date and branch...!


May Lord Shani bless you and your family...!


Warm Regards


Dilip Raut

Bhakti Dhara

T 42. 115, Prateeksha Nagar,

Sion ( east ), Mumbai 400022

Maharashtra, INDIA

Tel : 912232677433

Cell: 919322890481

Email :

Web :


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